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How To Control Petrol / Gas Consumption Of Car?

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If you are a good driver, then you can definitely save lot on gas. Burning gas while the car is in idle condition must be avoided. If the car is motionless for more than an indefinite period then it is better to switch off the engine. This will both be environment and pocket friendly. Theoretically, when the car is accelerated the engine burns more gas. So naturally if you need to move fast, you need to accelerate more which in turn require more gas. Speed is attained by acceleration. By accelerating you are breaking the gravity. So speed is acceleration due to gravity.

You can save a lot on gas if you maintain a moderate driving speed. According to calculations the engine power required to move your car in the initial level of movement is much less comparing to the high acceleration. As per the statistical study a car driven at 50KM/H consumes 15 percent less fuel than a car at 70KM/H. So it is evident the more you accelerate you need to spend more money on gas, as you need to burn more gas.

Driving smartly is an important thing when debating conservation of fuel. Always try to drive in uniform speed without engaging in to random acceleration and deceleration. If you are driving a manual car, then use the gears sensibly. Change the gears to the perfect required level so that the driving will be smooth. Automatic shifting cars change the gears in a pre-set of variation of speed of the engine. This can also be regulated by how you do the acceleration. If there is no need to accelerate then be sensible while pressing the accelerator. In some automatic cars you can find out different mode of drives. If there is an economic mode, then go through the economic mode which will help you to save the precious fuel.

Maintaining the required air pressure in the tires will help you to save lot on fuel. The perfectly balanced air pressured tires will provide you a resistance free drive. The more the resistance is reduced the less effort will be applied by the engine to make the car moving. Effectively this will have its own impact on saving the cost on fuel. While driving in cities most drivers do have the tendency to keep the car in the shortest minimum distance from the car ahead. Thus, one needs to apply quick break and acceleration which in turn burn lot of gas. People may think this a way how you can express your driving skills, but it is the other way round. It is a very bad and irritating tendency as you end up burning the precious gas.

Never fill up a `full tank' without any air space. If there is no air column in the tank the fuel shall be evaporating much faster. While parking your car, make sure that you are parking the car where there is enough shade. A cool area will stop the precious gas getting evaporated. Pay little attention to remove those unwanted things from the boot of your car. Try to reduce your car weight which also can help you to reduce the consumption of gas. Anything what is not required regularly should be removed from the car. For example, gadgets such as roof racks or carriages which cause air resistance have to be removed when you are not in regular use.

It is ideal to put off your Air conditioner while driving inside city. Air conditioner in a car consumes more fuel. Removing your foot from the accelerator pedal will also help you to stop the consumption of petrol. Most of the new age cars are equipped with Electronic Control Units (ECU) which cut of the fuel supply to the engine. Above tips when followed can save the precious fuel and these small drops saved thus can bring in a consolidated huge saving.

2nd Aug 2013