1.About CardealPage.com

Who operates CardealPage?
CardealPage.com is operated by GREEN NET CO., LTD.
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Why do people choose CardealPage?
• All cars are genuine and inspected by professional Japanese mechanics
• To save costs by cutting out the middle man fee
• To choose among a variety of stock
• Fastest possible shipment covered with warranty
• Easy import procedures supported by English speaking staff
What is office hour of CardealPage?
Our office hours are
Monday - Friday 9:00 - 21:00
Saturday 9:00 - 18:00
Sunday Closed
We will do our best to respond to your inquiry at earliest possibility.
Should you have an inquiry, please email to sales@cardealpage.com

2.About Total Cost

What is FOB & CIF?
FOB(Free On Board) = Car price + Custom clearing cost in Japan.
Prices on CardealPage.com are based on this FOB price.
CIF(Cost, Insurance, and Freight) = FOB + Insurance(Warranty) + Freight(Shipping) cost.
What is the total cost required to own a car?
Amount to be paid for CardealPage.com.
FOB(Car price + Custom clearing cost in Japan) + Warranty(Optional) + Export inspection (If required by your country) + Shipping Cost to your country
+Cost charged in your country Cost of Wharfage charges + Import Duty + Clearing Cost + Inland Transport fee (if necessary)
= Total Cost
How much is the shipping cost?
Please inquiry from our website. We will inform you by email immediately.
What does warranty cover?
Warranty will cover the following:
• Cost of the vehicle if the vessel sinks, catches fire, or is destroyed totally during transit
• Cost of "general average" (i.e. cost of salvation if vessel is rescued before sinking)
• Cost of any parts stolen, or replacement of any parts stolen, during transit
• Cost of any damage incurred during transit
Warranty is valid whilst the vehicle is on the vessel only. (i.e. Warranty ceases once the vehicle comes out of the vessel’s gate.)
The above accidents do not occur often, however they do occur unexpectedly.
Why take the risk of losing your hard earned money and constantly worry until you receive vehicle in your hand ? Warranty will give a peace in your mind.
Please read the disclaimer "Claim and Compensation"
How do I receive a proforma invoice?
We will sent a proforma invoice by email within 2 days after your inquiry for a car. Please request us.
Can you discount?
Please note that we offer our vehicles in the best possible price. Therefore we cannot offer discount for these vehicles.

3.About Payment

How do I receive a proforma invoice?
Proforma invoice will be sent to your email. You will find it either in your INBOX or SPAM BOX.
Please proceed with your payment ASAP to ensure quickest shipment of your vehicle.
When should I pay?
Our stock will be sold upon "First come, First serve" basis.
Please arrange payment ASAP and send us payment copy to secure the car.
We will reserve the car upon your full payment.
What if the car was sold to another client after I paid?
Do not worry!
We will either:
• Refund your money.
• Look for a replacement vehicle of the same model.
• You can choose any other vehicle from our stock with the same value.
When should I pay Shipping cost?
Payment of the shipping cost is required prior to shipment. We will ship the car upon payment of C&F or CIF amount indicated on the proforma invoice.
What is CardealPage’s payment method?
We accept only Telegraphic Transfer. Do not forget to bring your proforma invoice to the bank with you when you remit the money.
How to make payment through Telegraphic Transfer?
Step1 Bring the proforma invoice to the nearest bank
Step2 Complete the TT application form with proforma invoice
Remit the amount to the following bank account.
Quote the "invoice number" and "your name" on the payment instructions or application form.
e.g. 99999 John Smith ("Invoice number" and "payer’s name")
Step3 Collect the TT copy (Bank receipt) and email or Fax to us.
Send the TT copy to fax no. +81-3-5937-4552 or scan and attach to the e-mail.
What are your bank account details?
Our bank details are as given below :
Beneficiary Information
Account Number: 2013749
Bank Information
Swift Code: SMBCJPJT
Can I pay by credit card?
No, you cannot make payment by credit card.
Do you accept my local currency?
We require the payment to be received in U.S. dollars.
We accept your payment by US dollar and Euro. If you wish to pay by Euro, please contact our staff for a invoice with Euro amount.
Can I purchase at FOB prices?
No, we don’t accept car purchase at FOB prices for quality reasons. In order to keep your car in good condition, we inspect your car before shipment and supply you at either CIF or C&F prices.

4.About Shipment

How long does shipment take?
Delivery of your vehicle to your nearest port will depend on the timing of your payment and the shipping company’s schedule.
Please click below to see the approximate delivery times for each country.
Delivery time to your Country
When will my car be shipped?
Shipping details are noticed within 2 weeks from the date of confirmation by our logistics department.

Shipping Schedule

Region Port Frequency of Vessels
Africa Dar es Salaam 3 times a month
Mombasa 3 times a month
Durban 3 times a month
Maputo Once a Month
Carib Georgetown Once a month
Nassau Once a month
Freeport Once a month
St. Georges Once a month
Oceania Port Moresby Twice a month
Lae Twice a month
How will I know about the shipping schedule?
Booking will be arranged by GREEN NET CO., LTD.
Please wait to receive the departure and arrival date of your shipment via email from our logistics department within 2 weeks from the date of confirmation.
In some cases, GREEN NET CO., LTD will contact you to obtain further required information before shipment, otherwise, leave it up to us. We will advise shipment details once the vehicle is confirmed for shipment by the shipping companies. Please keep a note of the arrival date and confirm with the local shipping agent in case the arrival date has been changed.
We strongly recommend you to contact your local clearing agent or shipping agent to confirm the arrival date before you set up for collecting your vehicle.
Please click below to see our preferred clearing agents list.
Our preferred clearing agents
What is the information required for shipment?
There are three different information required to confirm shipment of your vehicle.
• Consignee Address
Information of the person, shown on the shipping documents. This is the person who receive the vehicle.
• Courier Address
Where shipping document will be sent.
• Notify Party
Contact person at the port of delivery. This is your clearing agent in most cases.
Please inform this information in case you require us to announce the shipping schedule to them apart from the consignee.
What do I have to prepare for the shipment?
In most cases you need to do nothing. GREEN NET CO., LTD will arrange the shipment for you.
Once you received a notice for booking, please keep the arrival date in your notes so you can collect the car soon after delivery.

5.About the Vehicle’s Condition

How can I confirm the vehicle’s condition?
All of our stock is inspected by professional mechanics, and the condition of each vehicle is described on the Vehicle Information Sheet on the web site by grade.
Before driving your vehicle over long distance, we recommend a simple check of the vehicle, such as oil, water, belts, brakes, tire tread, etc.
What if I was unhappy with the vehicle’s condition?
Please do not worry about the vehicles’ conditions, since all vehicles sold by CardealPage.com are genuine Japanese vehicles, and all of them are fully inspected by professional Japanese mechanics in our stock yard.
However if you are unhappy with the car after you receive the vehicle, we are here to cover the loss according to our claim clause. Please contact us immediately.
Refer to our claim clause for details.
Click to see CardealPage.com’s Claim Clause
What is Registration year?
Reg.Year(Regulation year) means the first year the vehicle is registered by law in Japan,and appears on all the documents of the vehicle itself, however, sometimes it differs from the year of manufacture of the vehicle.
What is Seatbelts year?
Seatbelts Year(Year on the seatbelt) means manufactured year of the seatbelt itself, and it may differ from the year of manufacture of the car.
However authorities of some countries determine manufactured year of the car according to seatbelt year.

6.About Import Procedures

What documents are required for receiving my car?
Following documents will be sent from GREEN NET CO., LTD
• Customs Invoice
• Bill of Lading
*Other documents may be required depending on your country’s regulation
Please contact your local clearing agent for the details of the necessary documents.
Do I need to contact a clearing agent?
Please consult with your local clearing agent as soon as you find a car from our website.
They will quote you extra cost after landing at the port, and also give you all the instructions to register in your country.
Click to see ourOur preferred clearing agents
How do I find a clearing agent?
You can choose your own reputable clearing agent in your local area, or you may wish to contact our preferred clearing agents in your region.
Click to see ourOur preferred clearing agents
When can I receive my car?
Contact your clearing agent and confirm the exact arrival date of the vessel and the pickup date.
*Please be aware that in case you delay picking up your car, extra storage fee might be charged.
Necessary information about importing a vehicle to your country
For Zambian, Kenyan and Ugandan clients (What is JEVIC Inspection?)
JEVIC inspection is required to import cars to Zambia, Kenya and Uganda!

What is JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center) inspection?

JEVIC is a Japanese registered company and has been involved in pre-shipment inspections / certification of used vehicles in various forms since 2001.
Zambian government, Kenyan government Ugandan government require JEVIC inspection for the vehicles to be imported to the countries.
Inspection will be arranged by GREEN NET CO., LTD before shipment. This may take up to 10 days depending on how busy the inspectors are.
Booking of your vehicle for shipment will be arranged once the JEVIC inspection is completed.
Please pay the JEVIC Inspection fee of US$350 for Zambia, Kenya and Uganda which is included to your Proforma Invoice amount. Please note that without JEVIC certificate, penalty maybe charged by your government.
For Tanzanian clients (What is JAAI Inspection?)
JAAI inspection required to import cars to Tanzania.

What is JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) inspection?

JAAI was established in 1966 under the approval of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Transport in Japan.
Tanzanian government requires JAAI inspection for the vehicles to be imported to their countries.
Inspection will be arranged by GREEN NET CO., LTD. before shipment.
This may take up to 10 days depending on how busy the inspectors are. Shipment of your vehicle will be arranged once the JAAI inspection is completed.
Please pay the JAAI Inspection fee US$300 at the same time of payment of your vehicle.
Please note, without JAAI certificate, 30% of the CIF value will be charged as penalty.
For Central African, Nigerian, Senegalese, Nigerian, Mali and Guinean clients

What is CTN (Cargo Tracking Note) Document?

CTN Document required to import cars to the countries.
All of cargo are obligated to issue CTN document.
Central African, Nigerian, Senegalese, Nigerian, Mali and Guinean government requires CTN document for the vehicles to pass the customs clearance.
Please pay the CTN Document fee of your country at the same time of payment of your vehicle. Please note, without CTN Document, can’t receive your car in your country.

Country CTN Document Fee

Central AFRICA /Douala $300
NIGER/Cotonou $300
SENEGAL/Dakar $250
NIGERIA/Lagos $400
MALI/Abidjan $300
GUINEA/Conakry $200
For Mozambican clients
Mozambique clients are required to: Apply for Intertek Inspection in Japan before shipment.

To apply for Intertek Inspection in Japan

1.Please apply for MOZ number at your Local Intertek office.

Intertek International Ltd
Address: Avenida da Namaacha, nr.492, First Floor, Maputo, Mozambique
TEL: + 258 21 407870/1/2/3
FAX: + 258 21 407884/5
Email: info.mozambique.fts@intertek.com

2.Once you have obtained MOZ Number please send to GREEN NET CO., LTD by e-mail or FAX

Email address: sales@cardealpage.com
FAX: +81-3-5937-4552

3.GREEN NET will apply for Intertek inspection in Japan before shipment

This may take up to 10 days depending on how busy the inspectors are.
Booking of your vehicle for shipment will be arranged once the Intertek inspection is completed.
For Malawian clients
For easy and smooth payment transaction, please transfer the fund from:
• The National Bank of Malawi
• Stanbic Bank
For Caribbean clients
Correct street address required.
Please note that your street address will be required since the U.S. Government’s Department of Homeland Security does not allow imports of vehicles for clients with just their P.O. Box address in the Caribbean.
Ensure that your street address is correct when you fill in the order form. And we can book your vehicle for shipment and prepare the shipping documents accordingly.
For clients importing through Durban port, South Africa
Correct street address required!
Please note that your P. O. Box address alone will not be sufficient.


I have problem with accessing internet.
If you are interested in any of our stock, please send us an email with your phone number and the Ref. no of the car on newspaper or catalogues by email to sales@cardealpage.com
We will support your purchase even though you have no access to internet.
Can I buy left hand drive car?
Sorry, we do not carry Japanese left hand drive vehicles in our stock.
Can I order spare parts?
Sorry, we do not supply spare parts.
Do you have any representative outside of Japan?
At the moment we only operate from our office in Tokyo Japan.
But we can offer you our trusted customers from your country who purchased car from us before.
They will give you a good reference about us and our company.
Why is mileage (KM) so low?
Many Japanese people travel to work on the train or bus, and there are very few parking spaces in Japan which are very expensive. Therefore it is not convenient to drive to work.
Besides, the train systems in Japan are so efficient you can set your watch by the train time tables.
That is why, only weekends are for enjoying driving their vehicles. The average Japanese car travels approx. 8,000km per year.
Can I amend the Bill of Lading?
The shipping company will not accept any application to change the B/L after arrival date. Regarding the Mombasa port, Mombasa customs regulations does not accept any change before 7 business days of arrival.
Please kindly check your document again and advise us immediately if there is any amendment.
What is CardealPage’s claim policy?
We are confident about our car quality, but if you are unhappy about the condition, please contact us ASAP according to our claim clause.
Our claim clause is as below;

Claim and Compensations

1. No claim shall be accepted unless;
a. the FOB amount of the vehicle purchased is above US$1,500
b. claimed damages is above US$300 (the Buyer shall bear US$299 as a repair cost per car)
c. the age of the vehicle is less than 10 years;
d. for engine and transmission trouble, the number of miles driven of the vehicle is less 100,000km.
e. the Buyer notify the Seller of any claim in detail in writing within 14 days after the arrival of the vehicle at the destination specified in the bill of lading;
f. the following documents are presented by e-mail or facsimile within 7 days after the notice in subparagraphse , above ; port authority’s report of any damage or missing items from the vehicle, a reputable local garage’s report and quotation in U.S. dollar currency for repairs, and photos of any damage
2. The Seller shall not be liable for;
a. interior damages that are judged as minor and non-need of mention or invisible (including scratches, cigar burns, stains and cuts);
b. missing or damaged interior equipments (including shift knobs, head rests, sun shades, spare tires, jack tool kits, floor mats, cigarette lighter, and remote controls);
c. exterior damages that are judged as minor and non-need of mention or invisible (including without limitation scratches, tiny dents, holes and small rust);
or snow tires after market alloy wheels not mentioned
or missing wheel lock nut.
any consumable parts including without limitation oil, fuel, tire tread, air-conditioning gas, etc