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How to Fix an Auto Car Paint Scratch

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There are so many unavoidable situations when it comes to protecting our car from scratches. It is almost inevitable. You can do anything to prevent the damage of the car paint but it has to happen sometimes. But there are some ways to mend it and get a careful job done by repairing the scratch in the most invisible manner. You could take some of the below mentioned tips to fix the scratch on the paint of your car.

First of all try to find out how deep the scratch has been on the paint cover. If you inspect carefully and find that the scratch looks thing and white in appearance, this could be very superficial one. And the need is only a fine touch up for correcting it. But if the scratch shows the metal or the body color, it is a deep scratch and needs some professional to handle the touch up procedures.

The next step in line to undertake the touch up is to have the correct atmospheric temperatures. If the weather is cold or humid, it will not benefit your work. The paint needs to be adherent to the body and also should be able to dry up evenly. The correct temperatures those are most suitable for such work is between 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity should always be low. The levels below 60 are suitable. So also you should not have a lot of direct sun hitting the area of work and also should be free from harsh winds. This could hamper the proper finishing of the paint work. It is always good to have a shady and bright garage to do such a touch up procedure.

Usually the cars which comes pre-painted from the car industry has been done with procedure which comprises of clear coated and catalyzed enamel coating which dries up and stabilizes in a few hours of painting. Such a painting is very stable. But if the car is re painted in any workshop, the procedure lacks the catalyzing effect and when the paint dries, the solvent used is evaporated and you will find paint solids left behind. This is different even to the touch senses. Over a period of few hours you will be able to see shrinkage in the paint coating. Hence it is advisable to wait for at least a day before applying a second coat of paint. This would give better results. Hence we would advise you to work with one coat each day and with lesser quantities of solvents for good effects.

If your car is less than 15 years, it is possible to find the perfect color code to get the patch up done. You would find the color code somewhere under the hood or at the door. This will definitely help you to get the exact shade and it is almost invisible when the work is done perfectly.

If the scratch seems to be only on the outer layers of the paint and has not penetrated too deep, you could just get a procedure of polishing and re-spraying that area to get the gloss and finish as before. This is possible if the area of the scratch is a smaller one. The steps that are to be simply followed are to clean the area around the scratch and make it clean and dirt free. Apply the coating of polish with the help of a soft cloth over it. Then start to polish over the area and let it dry. Then you can check and see for yourself how the polish coat has taken up the scratched area.

The area where the touch up is done needs to be rested for at least 30 days before waxing or re-polishing it. This is the time taken by the paint to set up and all the solvent to completely evaporate.

For the domestic purpose, the recent introduction in the market is a gadget which is called the scratch correcting pen. The mechanism of this pens working is similar to the paint touch up. The tip of the pen when pressed over the scratch, releases the paint along with the solvent. This solvent covers the scratch area and when it evaporates, makes the scratch invisible. The process could be repeated till satisfactory results are achieved.

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