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Nissan Serena vs. Town Ace Noah: Make Your Selection!

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Till late back 1990’s there was no craze about the people movers. But since the families were bigger and need to move together was fun, People started thinking about cars that could move 7-8 passengers together. Also the appeal of these cars pulled many towards its physically imposing structure. As a matter of fact these vehicles were build longer, taller and wider to accommodate a complete package of family and friends.

In view of this unique requirement, Nissan launched its new people mover called the Serena. This car came on the roads of Japan back in 1992 and turned the eyes of many to its style, creating an image in everyone’s mind about this big little thing. Although the vehicle had to provide seating space for 7-8 passengers, Nissan had developed and designed it in such a way that it kept short and narrow to provide easy driving to its lovers even in the tight streets. Serena is known for the headroom this car provides creating a large space in this small compact people mover. This car is tall yet unique since it has lesser wheelbase and narrow track. For all those who do not want to stay held up in traffic and ride smoothly through narrow lanes this proves to be an add on from Nissan.

Not only does Serena provide a large enough space to take a family together, it also does provide an equivalent justification when it comes to the luggage space in its boot. So one cannot only take their entire family along on a vacation but also luggage sufficient to spend an extended weekend or so. Serena is known among its class to be smaller than the norm of people movers making it a hit among all of them. At the same time the lovers or Serena are overwhelmed by its Power emitted by its engine unit. If you are a nature lover and enjoy every drive you take enjoying the beauty of world around, Serena is just the right choice for you. It is a complete blend of sufficient power and space to take along with you everyone you love.

Another one to choose from among the people movers is Toyota’s Town Ace Noah, a complete package from Toyota desired, loved and adored by many. For those who love space and enjoy moving around in style and luxury Noah is a valuable thing to own. The space provided by Town Ace enhances the sense of luxury and adds to the pride of owning a Toyota. If you are planning a long tour package, having loads of luggage is no hindrance to Noah. It provides you immense space, power and luxury from a renowned brand like Toyota. The Noah is a dynamically capable car that can ride even all kinds of full sized passengers with ease and comfort. It has an amazingly powerful engine unit strength derived from its 2.0 litre engine producing 117kW power and a super efficient fuel economy. No matter loved by so many for all those very reasons.

You definitely do not own a people mover to accelerate or corner like a sportster, however both the Nissan and Toyota will never make you feel different from being a sportster. Yet with them you will be able to take your complete family and friends together out on a vacation or a short trip. Serena and Noah provide you the best choices from among the people mover category with amazingly superb engineering masterpieces that give you variety of features and options. At the same time you always can bank upon the reliability of Nissan and Toyota being best of the world brands that coexist.

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