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First Generation SCP/NCP1# Model (1999 - 2005)

In 1999, the first generation TOYOTA VITZ was introduced as a model succeeding the TOYOTA STARLET; it was sold not only domestically, but also globally as a universal model. For this reason, in terms of the design, the ideas of a Greek designer who was working in an overseas design studio were implemented; as such, the TOYOTA VITZ was given a European design with a hardness and rigidity that had never been applied to a compact car up until this point. Because of this design and its high functionality, the largely held view that a compact car is comparatively low-cost was overturned, and the VITZ gained positive reviews in the marketplace.

The engines were all four-cylinder, and the 997cc/70 horsepower engine and 1.3-liter/87 horsepower engine were added. In terms of the transmission, there were the 5-speed manual and the 4-speed automatic transmission, and additionally, minor changes that were made in 2002 saw an addition of the CVT. Additionally, by installing the Intelligent Idling Stop System, 10-15 mode fuel consumption was improved to 25.5km/L. As for the drive system, from the beginning, FF and 4WD were included in the lineup.

The interior boasted a spaciousness that had never been seen in compact cars before. For many of the grades, the gauges (including the speedomenter) were located at the center of the dashboard, instead of directly across from the driver’s seat.

Second Generation KSP/SCP/NCP9# Model (2005 - 2010)

The second generation, introduced in 2005, largely preserved the outer appearance of the first generation, but underwent several mechanical improvements.

The engine options remained the same as those for the first generation - 1.0-liter, 1.3-liter 87 horsepower, 1.5-liter 110 horsepower - but for the 1.0-liter engine only, the DAIHATSU-manufactured three-cylinder engine with 71 horsepower was installed. To reduce fuel consumption, the Idling Stop System (Stop & Start) became available as a package option.

Regarding the transmission, the CVT evolved into the Super CVT-I, improving acceleration. Further emphasis was placed on safety through the use of the GOA body; by using a new car body, crashworthiness upon collision was improved.

For the drive system, the FF and 4WD (for the 1.3-liter engine only) were in the lineup.

As for the interior, the increased measurements of the car body led to improvements in spaciousness and functionality. As with the first generation, the gauges and meters were kept at the center of the dashboard.

Additionally, the first generation had 3-door and 5-door options available, but the second generation only had a 5-door option in its lineup.

In August 2007, another round of minor changes was implemented, and the SRS side airbags (driver’s seat/passenger’s seat) and SRS curtain shield airbags (front and rear seats) were installed in all vehicles as standard equipment, demonstrating the focus on improving safety. In terms of the exterior as well, changes were made to the bumper and lamp designs, and more exterior color variations were added. For the RS, instead of just the 1.5-liter, the 1.3-liter was added, and the paddle shift was also installed.

Third Generation KSP/NSP/NCP13# Model (2010 - )

The third generation TOYOTA VITZ, which is the current model, went on sale in December of 2010. Up until this point, the design had often been called feminine, but with the extension of the front overhang and changes in the light areas, the design changed to appeal to male drivers as well. Overall, the model was expanded to 1,695mm, the maximum length for 5 number vehicles. Accordingly, the interior length expanded by 35mm, to measure 1,915 mm in total.

As with the second generation model, the third generation TOYOTA VITZ’s engine included the following in the lineup: 1.0-liter three-cylinder with 69 horsepower, 1.5-liter 110 with horsepower, and additionally, the improved 1.3-liter four-cylinder with 95 horsepower. For the 1.3-liter FF vehicle, the newly developed idling stop function, the "Smart Stop Package," was set up, realizing a 10-15 mode fuel consumption of 26.5km/L.

As for the drive system, as with its predecessor, the third generation TOYOTA VITZ has the FF and 4WD (for the 1.3-liter engine only) in its lineup.

The spaciousness and functionality of the interior were improved as well. Super UV Cut glass that cuts approximately 99% of UV rays was newly installed on the front door glass, to prevent suntan and rises in temperature inside the vehicle. The gauges and meters that had been located at the center of the dashboard in previous generations were moved to be located in front of the driver, above the steering column.

In April 2014, minor changes were implemented, and with the 1.3-liter engine replaced by a newer version (stricter than the 10-15 mode fuel consumption, and closer to actual fuel consumption), the JC08 mode fuel consumption was improved to 25.0 km/L. Furthermore, through improvements in the body’s rigidity, and additions to reinforcement materials, the comfort level was improved.

As for the exterior design, TOYOTA’s universal design icon, the "Keen Look," has been applied, leading to a more powerful appearance.

 ModelDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLine-Up Year
1999/1 - 2005/1GF-SCP10997FFGasoline1999
GH-NCP101,298FFGasoline1999, 2000
TA-NCP131,496FFGasoline2000, 2001
TA-SCP10997FFGasoline2000, 2001
TA-NCP151,2984WDGasoline2000 - 2002
TA-NCP101,298FFGasoline2000 - 2002
UA-NCP101,298FFGasoline2002, 2003
UA-SCP131,298FFGasoline2002, 2003
UA-NCP151,2984WDGasoline2002, 2003
UA-NCP131,496FFGasoline2002, 2003
UA-SCP10997FFGasoline2002, 2003
2005/2 - 2010/11DBA-NCP911,496FFGasoline2005 - 2008
CBA-NCP951,2984WDGasoline2005 - 2009
DBA-SCP901,298FFGasoline2005 - 2009
DBA-KSP90996FFGasoline2005 - 2010
2010/12-DBA-NSP1301,329FFGasoline2010 - 2014
DBA-NCP1311,496FFGasoline2010 - 2014
DBA-NSP1351,3294WDGasoline2010 - 2014
DBA-KSP130996FFGasoline2010 - 2014

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