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First Generation SXZ1# Model (1994 - 2000)

The first generation TOYOTA RAV4, introduced on May 10, 1994, was marketed as the RAV4 L at the TOYOTA COROLLA Store and as the RAV4 J at the TOYOTA Auto Store. It was developed as a "crossover SUV," a new genre at the time; it could be said that this was the original model of the on-road SUV. The car body, though based on passenger vehicles, was equipped with a suspension system that allowed for off-road capabilities. In terms of the body size, it fit the 5 number vehicle layout, making it a compact car.

The engine installed was the high-mechanism 2.0-liter 3S-FE engine of the 3S line - a 1,998cc four-cylinder engine with a power output of 135 horsepower.

The transmission combined with this was the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. As for the drive system, only the full-time 4WD was available.

In terms of the body variation, at the time, only the 3-door version was available.

In 1995, due to its popularity and positive sales, the 5-door model was newly added. This version’s body length was increased by 410mm, further enhancing comfort.

The next year, in 1996, the high-power engine was added. The newly added 3S-GE engine had the same displacement and number of cylinders, but power output was boosted to 165 horsepower, leading to an improvement in driving performance. Furthermore, the over fender was installed, which allowed for the body width to expand to 1,760mm, making this model a 3 number vehicle body.

Minor changes implemented in 1997 saw the addition of a soft top version based on the 3-door 4WD model.

In August 1998, the 3S-GE engine’s power output was improved, boasting 185 horsepower.

Second Generation CA20W Model (2000 - 2005)

The second generation model, introduced in December 2000, saw an enlarging of the exterior measurements, leading to improved spaciousness of the interior. The wheelbase increased by 80mm, and the body width for all vehicles adhered to the 3 number body category. Riding capacity differed according to the number of doors; for the 3-door model, it was 4 persons, and the 5-door had a capacity of 5 persons. The interior received a facelift as well; texture and quality were improved, and the seats were increased in size, further enhancing riding comfort.

The engines were all switched to newer models; the 1,998cc four-cylinder with 152 horsepower and 1,794cc four-cylinder with 125 horsepower were installed. Fuel efficiency was enhanced compared to that of the previous generation model as well; the 10-15 mode fuel consumption for the 1,998cc model was 14.0km/L, and for the 1,794cc model, it was 14.4km/L.

The transmission options that could be combined with this were the same as those of the previous generation model - the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission. As for the drive system, the 1,998cc model was full-time 4WD, and the 1,794cc model was FF. Furthermore, FF vehicles only had the 4-speed automatic as the transmission option.
In August 2003, minor changes were implemented to the interior and exterior. It was at this time that greater improvements were made on the side and curtain airbags, with an aim to enhance safety features, and all vehicles were installed with "Super-Ultra-Low Emission" engines, further improving environmental performance.

Third Generation CA30W Model (2005 - )

The current third generation model was introduced in November 2005. The body of this model was further enlarged in comparison to that of the previous generation model, and improvements were made on the texture, quality, and comfort of the interior and exterior. Comfort was further improved with the installment of self-luminous meters and full-auto air conditioning. Only the 5-door model became available as the body type.

The engine installed was the 2,362cc four-cylinder with 170 horsepower for both FF and 4WD vehicles.

In terms of the transmission as well, only the 7-speed CVT with sequential shift is available. The 4WD mechanism was also changed to one that is electronically controlled.

The minor changes made in August 2006 saw an upgraded immobilizer system in all vehicles as standard equipment.

In September 2008, further minor changes were made to the interior and exterior. The "Style" grade was newly added, which had a rear view without a spare tire, demonstrating an attention to an exterior that matches users’ city use needs.

The minor changes implemented in December 2012 led to the installment of hill-start assist control and down-hill assist control, further enhancing driving performance. Moreover, all grades were consolidated to the "Style" series - a simple grade series, for which the only choices users need to make are the drive system and whether to install the S package or not.

 MODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLine-Up Year
1994-2000E-SXA10G2,0004WDGasoline1994 - 1998
E-SXA11G2,0004WDGasoline1995 - 1998
E-SXA11W2,0004WDGasoline1996 - 1998
E-SXA10C2,0004WDGasoline1997, 1998
E-SXA15G2,000FFGasoline1997, 1998
E-SXA16G2,000FFGasoline1997, 1998
E-SXA10W2,0004WDGasoline1997, 1998
E-SXA15W2,000FFGasoline1997, 1998
GF-SXA10C2,0004WDGasoline1997, 1998
GF-SXA10G2,0004WDGasoline1997, 1998
GF-SXA10W2,0004WDGasoline1997, 1998
GF-SXA10W2,0004WDGasoline1997, 1998
GF-SXA11G2,0004WDGasoline1997, 1998
GF-SXA11W2,0004WDGasoline1997, 1998
GF-SXA11W2,0004WDGasoline1997, 1998
GF-SXA15G2,000FFGasoline1997, 1998
GF-SXA16G2,000FFGasoline1997, 1998
2000-2005TA-ACA20W2,0004WDGasoline2000 - 2003
TA-ACA21W2,0004WDGasoline2000 - 2003
TA-ZCA25W1,800FFGasoline2000 - 2003
TA-ZCA26W1,800FFGasoline2000 - 2003
UA-ACA20W2,0004WDGasoline2003 - 2005
UA-ACA21W2,0004WDGasoline2003 - 2005
UA-ZCA25W1,800FFGasoline2003 - 2005
UA-ZCA26W1,800FFGasoline2003 - 2005
2005-DBA-ACA31W2,4004WDGasoline2005 - 2014
DBA-ACA36W2,400FFGasoline2005 - 2014
DBA-ACA31W-AWXGK2,4004WDGasoline2006 - 2014
DBA-ACA31W-AWXSK2,4004WDGasoline2006 - 2014
DBA-ACA31W-AWXXK2,4004WDGasoline2006 - 2014
DBA-ACA36W-AWXGK2,400FFGasoline2006 - 2014
DBA-ACA36W-AWXXK2,400FFGasoline2006 - 2014

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