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Toyota Corona Premio vs. Nissan Bluebird Sylphy: Which One You Prefer?

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More to the likes of Volkswagen Golf, Corona was a model, which was extremely common and loved by many in this part of Japan as the Golf was admired elsewhere in the World. When it came to decide among the extremely loved, desired and expensive yet adorable cars, Corona topped the list without any doubt. Like its predecessor, the famous earlier form named Dutom’, Corona continues to win the hearts of many when Toyota launched its Premio model.

The Premio launched successfully in 1996 belongs to the C class of cars, although the market then being pretty young to provide success to other cars of the C class category, it did provide immense success to the Premio. You can trust the reliability and reputation of its manufacturer but its not only reliability that pays off, it is also the best in class features that this car provides. Yet for many it still seems to be part of the D class when compared to its size. No matter what the size may be, something that led to its immense success was its techno design with geometric lines attracting huge masses to its simple yet adorable design. It has all the features and essentials that a corporate style of the 90’s would expect. One of the proprietary design features, which Premio carries, is its Karonovskii design one of the most adored elements from Toyota. The new grille design, revamped optics and new bumpers added on to the charm of this elegant design in 1999. The latter Premio seems more roundish and harmless; however it gives a new wave of contemplation whenever eyes rest on this new technocratic car.

For the simple style lovers, the Premio dominates the interiors with clean lines as exterior. With rigorous interiors, Premio uses materials, which are of excellent standard and quality, a known fact from Toyota that has always been a non-compromise. Premio has immense legroom even for the taller with an adjustable mechanism.

Nissan, another premium automaker launched its Bluebird Sylphy in 2000. This car is categorized in the C class segment basically due to its design based on the large platform. It is one of the lager cars from exterior due to the platform size on which it was built. It has an amazing refined 1.8 litre engine unit with an automatic gear box adding on the ease and convenience of drive lovers. Sylphy was known to be cheaper from its competitors by almost 2000 USD which made it a big hit although it never compromised on any of the features nor materials of standard.

If you are not a genuine corporate lover who goes with geometry, Sylphy offers you with its unique totally bio design. It has a signature style of dolphin shape making it a typical Japanese car. It will surprise you with its fresh look with upturned headlight, short tail trunk and bully design unlike many others. Sylphy is like a fresh wave among all the odd looking cars existing in the scenario.

Bluebirds interiors use the intricate lines, colors, soft looking wooden front panel along with its sweeping curves makes it different from others at the same time adds interest. In short the Bluebird Sylphy from Nissan with all its features and materials provides an explicit positive emotion at the first glance. Sylphy has all that is required by any standard car whereas it goes a step further by the luxury it provides. An amazingly designed weather control, air conditioning adds to the luxury. So if you are a luxury driven individual looking at corporate profile car or a casual person loving the curvilinear design the Toyota Corona Premio and Nissan Sylphy are here to give you the best choices among those.

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