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MERCEDES BENZ C200: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?

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First Generation Model (1993-2000)

The MERCEDES BENZ C200 went on sale in May 1994 as part of the W202 C-Class, which itself was introduced in October 1993 as a replacement for the 190 class. For the suspension system, the double wishbone was utilized in the front, while the multi-link was utilized in the rear, boasting enhanced driving stability. As for the grades, in addition to the base C200, the C200 Elegance with more enriched equipment was included in the lineup. In terms of the Elegance’s outer appearance, the 8-hole aluminum wheel was installed, and it was equipped with movable (forward and backward) armrests, front power seats, and genuine leather steering wheel covers and shift knobs.

The engine installed was the 1,114-type 1,998cc displacement four-cylinder with 136 horsepower. Its 10-15 fuel consumption was 10.0 km/L.

As for the transmission, the 4-speed automatic was made available, and both right-side driver seating and left-side driver seating were available options. Later, the transmission evolved to 5-speed automatic.

The car body measured in length, width, and height at 4,495mm, 1,720mm, and 1,420mm respectively. Though the engine displacement was below 2,000cc, the car body width exceeded 1,700mm, making the model a 3 number body category.

In October 1996, the wagon body was newly added, and the transmission was changed to 5-speed automatic. In terms of the position of the steering wheel, for the sedan, the lineup remained the same, with both right-side and left-side driver seating available; however, only right-side driver seating was available for the wagon. Furthermore, for the Elegance model, the wood panel material was changed to walnut.

In 1998, minor changes were made primarily on the exterior; the designs of the bumper, tail lamps, and front grille were changed.

Second Generation W203 Model (2000-2007)

In September 2000, as the second generation model, the C200 Kompressor (sedan) and C200 Kompressor SportCoupe (coupe) went on sale. As W203 models, in comparison to the previous generation, the exterior design was greatly changed. One of the characteristics was the headlights being changed to a gourd-shaped, rounded design, similar to those of the E-Class line. The car body was also enlarged, with the length, width, and height measuring at 4,535mm, 1,730mm, and 1,425mm respectively, further boosting the spaciousness of the interior and contributing to improvements in safety. As for the suspension system, in the front, the 3-link was newly utilized, and in the rear, the multi-link was carried over from the previous generation model.

The 111M20-type engine installed, with 1,998cc displacement and four cylinders, was supercharged to achieve a power output of 163 horsepower. The 10-15 mode fuel consumption measured at 9.9km/L.

For the transmission, the 5-speed automatic transmission utilized in the D-range vehicles was installed, equipped with a tip shift that made it possible to shift gears just by moving the select bar to the right or left. Both right-hand and left-hand driver seating were made available.

The interior followed the typical MERCEDES BENZ design in that wood was greatly used. The design of the meters were changed so that the tachometer and speedometer appeared to be consolidated into one.

In October 2002, the engine installed was changed. The 271-type engine was newly introduced, with 1,795cc displacement and four cylinders, and it was supercharged to achieve a power output of 163 horsepower. Furthermore, though power output increased, the 10-15 mode fuel consumption was enhanced at 10.6km/L.

The minor changes made in June 2004 led to changes in the interior and exterior. The front bumper and grille was altered, clear lenses were used for the headlights, and chrome-plated rings were used for the meters and switches, further improving the quality and texture.

Third Generation W204 Model (2007-2013)

In June 2007, the third generation model was developed to introduce the W204. The car body size increased yet again, with the length, width, and height measuring at 4,585mm, 1,770mm, and 1,445mm respectively, but the total weight of the vehicle remained largely unchanged. Equipped with an engine with improved power output, the W204 achieved a lighter and smoother acceleration. A distinctive characteristic of the W204 was that the grade was divided in two. In addition to the traditional Elegance, the Avantgarde, characterized by the large three-pointed star installed on the front grille, was added to the lineup.

The 271-type engine was carried over from the previous generation model; however, power output was boosted to 184 horsepower. Despite this, the 10-15 mode fuel consumption was improved at 11.2km/L.

At the start of sales, the lineup consisted of the C200 Kompressor Elegance and the C200 Kompressor Avantgarde. Later, in April 2008, the C200 Kompressor was added to the lineup as the base grade. This grade, though it was installed with a car navigation system and aluminum wheels, by simplifying the interior, exterior, and the equipment, it was made available at a relatively lower price. At the same time, the wagon body was added to a lineup that had up to this point been made up entirely of sedans.

The minor changes implemented in February 2010 saw changes in the engines. The C200 CGI Blue Efficiency, which was newly introduced as the base grade, changed from a supercharged to turbocharged engine. As such, though the power output remained the same, more torque led to better fuel efficiency; 10-15 mode fuel consumption was improved to 11.6km/L.

In May 2011, minor changes were made to the interior and exterior designs. In addition to changes to the exterior, such as to the shapes of the front lights and the design of the bumper, interior changes led to a more luxurious feel, such as the addition of color display to the instrument panel.

In addition, the 5-speed automatic transmission was changed to the 7-speed automatic transmission “7G-Tronic Plus” bringing about a smoother driving experience while also enhancing fuel efficiency to 12.8km/L.

Fourth Generation W205 Model (2014-)

The newest W205 model went on sale in July 2014. The body size was yet again increased; the total width measures at 1,810mm, making for increased comfort and spaciousness. In terms of the outer appearance, the new design has merged modern with classic; headlights with built-in LED position lights and deeper depressions on the side of the vehicle were incorporated to make for a design that is reminiscent of the more recent MERCEDES BENZ brand design.

The 274-type 1,991cc four-cylinder turbo engine with 184 horsepower was installed. The grades included the C200 Avantgarde (sedan), C200 Station Wagon Avantgarde (wagon), and the C200 Station Wagon Sports. A driver-switchable system that adjusts transmission and steering through four modes-Comfort, ECO, Sport, Sport+-was also installed.

The current C200 Avantgarde/AMG line also utilizes air suspension, a first for the C-Class, further improving riding comfort.

As for the interior, double meters and a tablet-like monitor are unique characteristics. Furthermore, riding comfort has been improved due to the enlarged body and wheelbase, boasting a spaciousness reminiscent of the E-Class models. For trunk space as well, 480L has been secured.

BENZ C200MODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLineup Year
1993-2000E-2020201,998 FRGasoline1993-1997
GF-2020201,998 FRGasoline1998-2000
2000-2007 GF-203045 1,998 FRGasoline2000-2001
GH-2030451,998 FRGasoline2002
2007-2013DBA-2040411,795 FRGasoline2007-2009
DBA-2040481,795 FRGasoline2010-2013
2014-RBA-205042 1,991FRGasoline2014
RBA-205042 C1,991FRGasoline2014
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