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Car Maintenance Mistakes that can be Avoided

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Compared to cars introduced a few years ago, today’s vehicles require as little maintenance as an oven. Yet drivers still continue to apply the same old thinking and continue to get frequent oil and lube changes even when they’re not close to being due. This is solely either because of being unaware of the advancements or simply too busy to refer to the owner’s manual.

Maintaining your car regularly will often costs less than paying for future expensive repairs. Whether your vehicle is brand new or a classic, your solution to your maintenance schedule is just a glove box away, that is your owner’s manual. There are a several car maintenance pitfalls that you can avoid by simply referring to the manual and a few of them are listed below.

1. Tires tend to leak air naturally, but overinflated tires tend to cause a lack in performance, while overinflated tires tend to empty your gas tank. With busy schedules, it is possible to unintentionally ignore tire pressure checks, which may lead to several problems. On that note, you can also have your oil level checked and change it if needed, which will save you an extra trip to the garage.

2. Wipers are one of the cheapest parts to replace on your vehicles, but the fact that you didn’t use them or they’re worn out could cost you an arm and leg in insurance deductibles. The best time to replace wipers is usually in the fall or a week prior to a long road trip so it crucial to ensure that they are in good working order no matter what the season or time of year.

3. Many car owners do not feel cleaning their air filters is important or either don’t have the time do so, but driving round with a dirty or clogged one is the same as jogging with an onion in your mouth. Car air filters are designed to take away the combustion from the carburetor, and having dirty or clogged ones not limits your vehicles air supply, but hurts fuel economy. The question is what is the right time to check your air filter? Even thought there is no definite answer to this, thumbrule is that you should get it cleaned if you’ve been on a long trip, driven in dust and gravel filled environments or simply when you haven’t cleaned it in a while.

4. Driving without a gap is yet another mistake to avoid for several reasons. Many vehicle owners assume that a gas cap is there in place to keep gas thieves away, and although it is a one of the reasons, it is not the sole idea. The gas cap is one of the most significant parts of your vehicles ventilation system, and when it is off or loose tends to set off the check engine light in your gauge cluster since it affects your fuels ventilation dynamics.

5. This mistake is literally a no brainer, but is still worth mentioning. The best place to have your car serviced is at a reputable dealership or a qualified mechanic. Unless you know your way around cars, it is best to refrain from servicing your vehicle yourself. Although sometimes you may have good luck at your corner car repair shop, there are terrible experiences to be heard. Also, remember the cheapest option is not always the best, so look for reputable and qualified mechanics with the best credentials and price.
Keep in mind that your car is one of your investments and keeping the above in mind will help you extend its longevity.

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