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First Generation Model (2004 - 2010)

The first generation TOYOTA PASSO was developed by TOYOTA Group in conjunction with DAIHATSU. The car body length was developed to be shorter than the TOYOTA VITZ, and as a kei (subcompact/supermini) car, it was designed to appeal to female users through a focus on minimizing the turning radius and increasing storage space.

In terms of the car body as well, in contrast to the TOYOTA VITZ, which explored the maximization of the 5 number vehicle body, the car body of the TOYOTA PASSO measured at 1,665mm. However, the TOYOTA PASSO boasted a more spacious interior than the VITZ.

For the engine, the lineup consisted of DAIHATSU-manufactured engines: the three-cylinder 1.0-liter engine with 71 horsepower, and the four-cylinder 1.3-liter engine with 92 horsepower.

As for the drive system, the FF and 4WD were made available. Moreover, the 4WD was available only for models equipped with the 1.0-liter engine, and thus, greater focus was placed on the 1.0-liter engine.

Much thought was placed on the interior as well. By sliding forward the rear seats and executing the long-cushion mode that rids the space up to the front seats, storage space was greatly increased. Around the steering wheel, column-mount meter panels that moved up and down were installed, which operated together with steering, preventing a reduction in visibility when tilting.

In December 2006, minor changes were made on the design of the interior and exterior, as well as an expansion of the use of electronically retractable door mirrors. Additionally, fuel efficiency was improved for the 1.0-liter FF vehicle, achieving the "2010 20% Emission Standards" and making it applicable for the "Tax Plan for the Promotion of Popularizing Environment-Compatible Vehicles" in Japan.

Second Generation Model (2010 - )

The TOYOTA PASSO underwent a model change in 2010 to develop the second generation model, and the "Keen Concept Design" that was popular with the first generation model was continued in its development. The measurements of the car body exterior and the engine displacement remain mostly the same as those of the first generation model. The principal improvements made with the remodeling involved an increased focus on fuel efficiency and drivability. Furthermore, in addition to the standard TOYOTA PASSO, the TOYOTA PASSO +Hana was added to the lineup, which included bumpers and door handles specific to the +Hana model, further increasing a feel for high-quality in terms of the exterior.

As for the engine, the three-cylinder 1.0-liter engine with 69 horsepower and four-cylinder 1.3-liter engine with 95 horsepower were continued in the lineup; additionally, the 1.3-liter engine was updated to a newer model with increased fuel efficiency.

In terms of the mechanism aspect, the most significant change was in the transmission. By changing from the 4AT of the first generation to CVT, the 1.0-liter FF vehicle cleared the "2010 Emission Standards + 25%" and "2015 Emission Standards," and its 10-15 mode fuel consumption improved to 22.5km/L. Moreover, in terms of the 1.3-liter vehicle as well, it cleared the "2010 Emission Standards + 15%", with an improved 10-15 mode fuel consumption of 21.0km/L.

The minor changes made in April 2014 led to improvements in the 1.0-liter engine, further improving fuel efficiency. Consequently, the 1.0-liter 4WD vehicle also cleared the "2015 Emission Standards."

For the interior, improvements were made to further increase storage space and capabilities; for example, in front of the passenger seat, a hook was installed, which allows users to hang grocery bags and other items. However, the meters that operate with steering were not continued in the second generation model; the meter panel was made into a regular stationery one.

 MODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLineup Year
2004/06-2010/01QNC101,2972WDGasoline2004 - 2009
KGC109962WDGasoline2004 - 2009
KGC159964WDGasoline2004 - 2009
2010/02-NGC301,3292WDGasoline2010 - 2014
KGC309962WDGasoline2010 - 2014
KGC359964WDGasoline2010 - 2014

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