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How to Adjust your Rear and Side View Mirrors?

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For several years now, automakers have been have been implementing blind spot detection systems in the mirrors of their car models. But for those that don’t have a vehicle with one of these systems, her are a few tips on how to adjust your side and rear mirrors properly. Before you start adjusting your mirrors, it is crucial to be seated in the right posture and position. If you are not the only driver of the vehicle, you have to make these adjustments every time you are going to take the wheel.

Ideal seating is where you are able to see the road and still reach for the vehicles important controls. Tit and telescopic steering wheel have definitely added comfort to the cabin, and if you do have these features, it may be easier to make these adjustments as the steering can be moved in a number of positions. Some automakers also offer electric foot pedals that are designed to suit all types of driver’s to include medium, short and tall individuals. If your vehicle lacks adjustable seats, and you feel you are a bit low for the steering wheel, you can either have a mechanic boost the seat upwards permanently or simply use a seat cushion.

The positioning and goal of the rear view mirror is pretty obvious, where you need to have a clear view of the road behind you. Ensure that the day and night switch is set appropriately before moving the physical position of the mirror. There are a number of times when you drive after sunset or at night and notice the harsh glare from other headlamps on the road directed right at you. This tends to impair you vision of the road. Normal rear views generally feature a day and night switch, while auto dimming mirrors help reduce the glare directed from other vehicles on the road.

The concept of auto dimming mirrors is simple. The brighter the glare, the darker the tint on your rear view mirror, and if you do not have this type of mirror, they are the currently the best option especially if you drive after sunset. Most side mirrors on newer can be automatically adjusted to suit the driver just by pushing a few buttons. No matter if you have manual mirrors or powered ones; the key is to adjust them in order to get a clear glimpse of the road.

Some side mirror is also fitted with small blind spot mirrors, and although they do work, it is best to not depend on them entirely especially in bad weather conditions. The safest way to check blind spots is the old fashioned, which is over your shoulder. Before you do a blind spot check over your shoulder, you need to check both the rear and side mirrors for anything that may pose as a safety hazard. Gently look over your shoulder in the direction you will be turning gently pass into the other lane. It is important to do the blind spot check faster when travelling on the highway or any where beyond 60 KMPS.
If you have manual side mirrors as older cars do, you will need to adjust them before you start the vehicle. Once you’ve adjusted the mirrors, refrain from readjusting them while you’re driving, which is regarded as a distraction. If you do need to readjust, pull over to the side, turn the vehicle off and make the changes. The above tips will ensure your concentration is directed to all aspects of the road so that avoid careless mistakes.

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