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Losing your Car Keys may Cost you a Fortune!

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Losing your cars keys is not something uncommon, but fact is we’ve all probably done it at least once since owning a vehicle. Misplacing cars keys is simple because they are small and lightweight that they can either be lost among clothes or on a night out without the slightest knowledge. Until a few years ago, losing your car keys wasn’t such as big deal since it was fairly easy to replace them by just going to a car dealership, repair shop or your nearest key maker. Due to the easy process of getting car keys replaced, it was much easier for thieves to steal your vehicles, which in return costs insurance companies heavy losses. But times have changed and with the advancement of technology, it is no longer easy to make a replacement set nor is it cheap.

Today and depending on the vehicle you drive, getting a key replaced can be a lengthy process and may be expensive, but listed below are a few alternatives that may help lower the overall cost. Basic car keys that were used up until a few years ago were nothing more than a long metal plate with a unique cut. The cuts and grooves on the long metal parts resembled those typically seen on a standard house key. To make a copy of such a key requires no special equipment and it may be safe to say no specific skill. The machine to make these keys is the same a locksmith would use for others keys they made such as those for home, offices or just about anything else you can think of.

The person making this type of basic key would charge no more than a few bucks, making them extremely cost efficient. But if you got the same basic key made at a dealership, you would at most times have to pay considerably more than what you would get at a locksmith. The only difference between getting them at these places is that a car dealership will provide you with a key that has your manufacturers log on it such Toyota, Honda, etc, while a locksmith will give you a key with just a standard rubber covering.

Most modern cars now come standard with an electronic key fob, which is nothing more than a transmitter or remote attacked to the key set. Unlike regular keys, these electronic remotes need to be reprogrammed again to match your vehicles compute, and this cannot be done through a locksmith, but only at an authorized car dealership. You guessed it, the cost of reprogramming these electronic devices is quite high, but there’s a way to get a cheaper deal.

Most transmitters can be self programmed by a pressing the buttons on the remote a certain way and inserting the key in the ignition and turning it a few times. Some may also tell you how to do this for your vehicle or you can even go to the manufacturer’s official website and get the information. Another alternative to getting your remote programmed at an authorized dealership is to simple purchase an aftermarket version online. The price and quality will vary from authorized remotes, but if you’re just looking for a transmitter that will do what its designed for, then this is a much cheaper alternative.

There are other types of keys that are quite a few steps above basic keys and remote transmitters such as laser cut keys, switchblade, smart keys and transponder keys. These keys are not easy to buy online as they contain a micro ship that often can’t be replicated. From the different types of keys listed above, you can clearly see that losing your car keys can be expensive so it s bets to store it safely and somewhere where you have a strong hold on it.

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