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What to look for after a Body Shop has Fixed your Car?

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When you last saw your car, it was completely destroyed, and then it was towed away to the body shop to be brought back to a brand new state, but does this really happen? The key to getting your car fixed completely is to choose a reputable body shop yet that’s not enough, and need to do some inspection of your own. The tips below will guide you on what to look for before signing the body shop invoice.

Get to know the Fixing Process Upfront!

Fact is that the process of fixing your vehicles starts from the time you drop your vehicle at the body shop. When choosing a body shop, there are literally tons of choices so there no need to make rash decisions. Get your car to the body shop and get precise estimates and ask about warranties on the work. Most reputable car repair shops stand behind their work so will not be hesitant to give you a generous warranty depending on the extent of damage. Next step is to get all the details of the work in writing, and confirm that all the listed repairs have been completed successfully when you return to pick up your car.

Was your Car Clean when delivered to you?

When you buy a brand new or even a used vehicle, would you accept an untidy vehicle inside and out? Keep in mind that your vehicle is in for a complete makeover hence it should brand new from all angles, including the interior. Appearance matters so the first aspect to note is if your car was washed thoroughly, cleaned and vacuumed. Another sign of unprofessional work is using your trunk as a storage bin for old parts so make to check. When you open the trunk, it is a good idea to check your spare tire to ensure it doesn’t need any upkeep at the moment and is safe in case you need it.

Some body shops go the extra mile by even washing the engine of the vehicle, and although it is not compulsory, it definitely is a sign of great customer service. Body shops claim that returning a clean car to the customer can be challenging at times, considering the dust from sanding and other techniques. So if you’re vehicle is just going in for a minor dent job, then a complete car wash is just too much to expect!

Take a Closer Look

Once your car passes the cleanliness check, it’s time to inspect the area that was repaired. Body shop experts recommended that you look between the panels first for uneven gaps, which indicated that they haven’t been aligned appropriately. This may result in the doors not opening smoothly, which is another area to look at during your inspection. Even you have been promised a complete makeover to a brand new state, there may be a few minor hitches especially if your vehicle has received extensive front-end damage.

When inspecting the front end of your vehicle, take a look at the distance between the tire and the fender. If it is narrow on one side but wide on the other, then something isn’t right. To further check the front end of your vehicle, turn on the headlights and check if the light beams are aligned. Generally, when a car is damages extensively in the front, the frame tends to bend and requires straightening before work can progress. This tool used for this process is often referred to as a "Rack", which if not used properly may leave noticeable marks.

Sometimes repair shop problems may not be noticeable at the instant you get your vehicle, but may develop over time, and that’s why it is essential to ensure that you have warranty on the repair for at least 6 months. These are just a few tips to look out for the next time you’re in for some high end repairs, and will save you heartaches of being ripped off.

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