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MERCEDES BENZ C180: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?

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First Generation Model (2000-2007)

Starting with the W304 model, the C180 was introduced as a more introductory model of the previous C200 series. Though the headlights were 2 non-standard-shaped lamps, the design remained conscious of the round-shaped lamps used by E-class and other types of vehicles. Furthermore, though the model was named 180, this did not represent the engine displacement, but rather, was representative of the power output.

The engine installed was the 111M20 type 1,998cc four-cylinder 129 horsepower engine. The 10-15 mode fuel consumption was 10.2 km/L.

The 5-speed automatic transmission was used, with only right-hand drive available.

Though the engine displacement was below 2,000cc, the car width measured at 1,730mm, making it a 3 number vehicle.

Wood was used for the interior, making the design adherent to the MERCEDES BENZ design, and the tachometer and speedometer were arranged in such a way that they appeared integrated and unified.

There was a continued strong focus on safety features, with the same quality air bags and ABS as in other grades, accurately reflecting MERCEDES BENZ’s mind for development.

In October 2002, the C180 Kompressor was newly included. The 271 model engine was newly utilized, with 1,795cc displacement and a power output of 143 horsepower, achieved through the supercharging of the four cylinders. In addition, though power output was increased, the 10-15 mode fuel consumption was also improved at 10.4km/L.

Second Generation Model (2011-2014)

The second generation model of the C180 was added to the lineup four years after the introduction of the W204 model. The round headlamps were changed to two non-standard, rectangular ones. As for the body type, the 4-door sedan and 2-door coupe were added to the lineup.

In October 2011, though the engine remained the 271 model, as with the previous generation model, through the turbo-charging of the 1,795cc four-cylinder engine, power output was successfully increased to 156 horsepower. At the same time, the“C180 Blue Efficiency” and the 4-seater premium coupe “C180 Blue Efficiency Coupe” were introduced, carrying an engine that allowed the 10-15 mode fuel consumption to be improved to 14.0km/L.

The development of multiple variations of the transmission was also accelerated; as a result, 7-speed automatic transmission was newly utilized.

As for the car body, the width measured at 1,770mm, which was 40mm more than its predecessor. Additionally, greater improvements were made on safety features and comfort.

In July 2012, the“Avantgarde” trim level was added to the lineup. The model was equipped with AMG styling package (front spoiler, side and rear skirt), advanced light package, power seat with memory, and split-folding rear seats. The price was 500,000 yen ($5,000) higher than that of the base grade. In addition, in terms of the base grade“C180 Blue Efficiency” as well, features such as the parking assist rear-view camera (which supports the driver when parking) and the VICS3 media car navigation system (which assists eco-drive) were installed as standard equipment.

The position of the steering wheel remained the same as with the first generation model, with only right-hand drive available.

The W204 model of the C180 underwent several more changes when in December 2013, the Avantgarde front grille and headlights were equipped on the C180 C-Class Sedan, and the same was equipped on the C180 Coupe Trend in June 2014. As such, the focus has continued to be on enriching both the interior and exterior.

Third Generation Model (2014-)

In January 2014, the third generation model for the C180, and the fourth generation model for the base C-Class, was developed, leading to a remodeling of the W205 class.

The engine carried underwent further downsizing and was changed to the 274M16 four-cylinder engine that boasts 1,595cc displacement and 156 horsepower. Fuel efficiency was improved as well to the JC08 mode fuel consumption of 17.3km/L.

As for the transmission, as with the previous generation model, 7-speed automatic transmission is used.

The car body was developed based on the S/E class, which led to the expanding of the body; the total width measures at 1,810mm, making it the first C-Class vehicle to exceed 1,800mm in width. However, because the aluminum use for the body shell was increased to 50%, the car body weight was prevented from increasing, and instead, is approximately equivalent to the weight of the previous generation model.

As for the safety features, the advanced“Intelligent Drive” feature, which makes use of millimeter-wave radar sensor technology and stereo camera, was newly installed.

In terms of the interior, the single-lens meters were made double-lens, and the tachometer and speedometer were separated, further heightening the high-quality and luxurious feel. The automatic gear selector evolved from the floor shifter to the electronic control column shifter with direct select gearshift control.

For the C180 sedan and wagon lineups, in addition to the base grade, there is also the Avantgarde and Avantgarde AMG, with a total, therefore, of three variations on sale.

MODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLine-Up Year
GF-2030351,998FRGasolin2000, 2001, 2002
GH-2030461,795FRGasolin2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
DBA-2040491,795FRGasolin2011, 2012
DBA-2043491,795FRGasolin2013, 2014

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