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First Generation U10, B10 Model (1969 - 1982)

The first generation TOYOTA COASTER went on sale in February of 1969 as a full model change of the "Light Bus," which was a derivation of the TOYOTA DYNA. The Light Bus was almost entirely changed, and the only similarities were that the Light Bus and the TOYOTA COASTER were both micro buses that were drivable with regular driver’s licenses. Though the engines had similarities as well, aside from these points, in terms of the car body, the two were entirely dissimilar.

For the car body, in comparison to previous models, the wheel base was enlarged by 270 mm to accommodate for the vehicle being a bus, and lowering the floor area led to an increase in comfort. For the standard vehicle, the riding capacity was 26 people. In terms of the body variation, for the standard vehicle, there were the single tire 22-person and 26-person, double tire 22-person and 26-person, deluxe double tire 22-person and 26-person, and infant-friendly single tire and double tire vehicles with A/C - these were all included in the lineup. Furthermore, the diesel engine was carried by standard vehicles only.

The engine carried was a 5R type 1,944cc displacement 93 horsepower gasoline engine and J type 2,481cc displacement 70 horsepower diesel engine. The highest speed for each was 110 km/h for gasoline-run cars, and 85 km/h for diesel-run cars.

In 1977, minor changes were implemented, and improvements were made on the safety of the vehicle and the performance of the engine. In particular, the brakes were made stronger, and the engine power was improved by 5 horsepower, due to the 5R-type engine installed.

Second Generation B20/30 Model (1982 - 1992)

The second generation TOYOTA COASTER was born in May of 1982. Further improvements were made on the functionality and maneuverability, such as with the sliding door, to improve comfort. The windows were enlarged by 30% to increase openness and spaciousness.

The engine carried was the 22R type gasoline engine with 2,366cc displacement and 115 horsepower, 3B type diesel engine with 3,431cc displacement and 98 horsepower, and 2H type diesel engine with 3,980cc displacement and 115 horsepower. Among these, the 22R and 2H engines adhered to the 1982 Emission Regulations.

In terms of operation, a new feature added was power steering that was added to vehicles with 2H engines as standard equipment. Furthermore, independent suspension was added to the front suspension to increase comfort.

As for body variation, the bases were the standard body with a wheel base of 3,120mm and the long body with a wheel base of 3,800mm. To this, the standard roof and high roof were added to create 18 variations. The long body EX saloon had a riding capacity of 20 people, the standard body 26 people, and the long body 29 people.

In August 1984, for the high roof, the 10-person big van that has general cargo registration was added.

Following this, in 1990, minor changes were implemented to exchange the diesel engine to adhere to the 1989 Emission Regulations.

Third Generation B40/50 Model (1993 - )

The third generation, which is the current model, was introduced in January 1993. It employs a design that focused on improving aerodynamic functions, and the glass areas were expanded to increase spaciousness inside. The body variations are generally the same as those of the second generation.

The engine is diesel only, with the following three types included in the lineup: 4,163cc displacement six-cylinder 170 horsepower 1HD-T type, 4,163cc displacement six-cylinder 1HZ type, and 3,400cc displacement four-cylinder 98 horsepower 3B type.

The transmission that can be combined with this are the 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic.

As for the brakes, further focus on safety led to the installment of the 4-wheel ABS. In regards to the interior, because of the priority placed on the engine placement, the floor of the second row seats was flattened, and as such, the forward visibility from the third-row seats and beyond was improved.

In November 1995, vehicle with a high roof, long body, and 4,100cc displacement four-cylinder engine were set up with full-time 4WD.

In August 1997, the Hybrid EV went on sale. The engine was supplied by a series hybrid system wherein which the energy generated by a 1,500cc displacement gasoline engine was supplied to the drive system motor; as a result, the emission of carbon dioxide and noise were both significantly reduced. Though the vehicle remained on sale until 2007, because the price of the vehicle was high at approximately 15,000,000 yen (approximately $150,000), few vehicles were sold.

In 2002, a 4,104cc displacement four-cylinder 116 horsepower engine was added.

In 2004, minor changes were implemented to adhere to the Emission Regulations; the diesel engines were all changed to 4,009cc displacement engines manufactured by Hino Motors.

Minor changes made in 2007 led to several alterations to the interior. The navigation and audio control panels were shifted to the driver’s seat side, improving visibility and maneuverability. Additionally, the indicator was added to the side panel, heightening visibility. Furthermore, the car was acknowledged as a "low-emissions heavy vehicle" due to a review of the gas emission purification system.

The minor changes that were announced in December 2014 led to the TOYOTA COASTER being the subject of "Eco-Friendly Vehicles that Lead to Reduction of Taxes" because of improvements in the engine and transmission that led to reduced fuel consumption.

 MODELDisplacementFuelLine-Up Year
1969-1982RU181994Gasoline1969 - 1976
RU18-B1994Gasoline1969 - 1976
RU18-H1994Gasoline1969 - 1976
RU19-HB1994Gasoline1969 - 1976
RU18-HD1994Gasoline1969 - 1976
RU18-HBD1994Gasoline1969 - 1976
RU18-HC1994Gasoline1969 - 1976
RU18-E1994Gasoline1969 - 1976
RU18-HE2481Diesel1969 - 1976
JU182481Diesel1969 - 1976
JU18-B2481Diesel1969 - 1976
JU18-H2481Diesel1969 - 1976
JU18-HB2481Diesel1969 - 1976
B10--1977 - 1982
1982-1992RB20-MR2366 Gasoline1982 - 1989
BB20-MDY3431Diesel1982 - 1989
BB20-MDZRY3431Diesel1982 - 1989
BB30-MRY3431Diesel1982 - 1989
BB30-MRKRY3431Diesel1982 - 1989
HB30-MDZR3980Diesel1982 - 1989
HB30-MGZR3980Diesel1982 - 1989
HB30-MGZER3980Diesel1982 - 1989
U-HDB304200Diesel1990 - 1992
U-HDB31 4200Diesel1990 - 1992
U-HZB304200Diesel1990 - 1992
U-HZB314200Diesel1990 - 1992
U-HZB36V4200Diesel1990 - 1992
T-RB202366Gasoline1990 - 1992
1992-U-HDB51-ZCMZX4163Diesel1999 - 2003
U-HZB50-ZRMDS4163Diesel1992 - 1998
U-HZB41-ZCMQS4163Diesel1992 - 2003
B40,503400Diesel1992 - 2003
B40,504104Diesel1995 - 2003
NBG-BZB40-ZRMNC4104LPG2004 - 2014
NBG-BZB50-ZRMNC4104LPG2004 - 2014
SDG-XZB40-BKMSY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SDG-XZB40-BKTSY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SDG-XZB46V-ZRTNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SDG-XZB50-BKMSY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SDG-XZB50-BKTSY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SDG-XZB50-ZKMSY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SDG-XZB50-ZRTEH 4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SDG-XZB51-ZRTQH4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SDG-XZB56V-ZRTNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SKG-XZB40-BRTNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SKG-XZB40-ZRTEY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SKG-XZB40-ZRTNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SKG-XZB50-ZRTEY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SKG-XZB50-ZRTNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SKG-XZB50-ZXTNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SPG-XZB40-BRMNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SPG-XZB40-ZRMNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SPG-XZB40-ZRMNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SPG-XZB50-ZRMEY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SPG-XZB50-ZRMNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SPG-XZB50-ZXMEY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SPG-XZB50-ZXMNY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
SPG-XZB51-ZRMQY4009Diesel2004 - 2014
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