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First Generation DW Series (1996 – 2002)

Riding on the popularity of the minivan and WAGON, MAZDA developed the MAZDA DEMIO as its first attempt at achieving space utility in a station wagon. The outer design was simple and plain. The car body measured in length, width, and height at 3,800mm, 1,650mm, and 1,500mm respectively; it was a compact design, but it still had full-flat seats and a sliding length of 160mm secured for the backseats, thus allowing for a comfortable interior. Moreover, the rear seats were double folding, and adjustments were made to expand the cargo space. Because many multi-story parking garages have a height limit of 1,550mm, the total height was kept at 1,500mm, demonstrating an effort to respond to users’ needs for daily usability.

There were two types of inline four-cylinder gasoline engines made available – the 1,323cc with 83 horsepower and 1,498cc with 100 horsepower.

The transmission that could be combined with these were the 5-speed manual and 3-speed automatic for the 1,323cc engine vehicle, and the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic for the 1,498cc engine vehicle.

As a result, fuel consumption for the 1,323cc engine vehicle went from 16.0km/L to 18.6km/L, and for the 1,498cc engine vehicle, from 14.8km/L to 17.2km/L.
For the drive system, only the FF was available.

In September of the next year, minor improvements were implemented; the rear gate, which initially could be opened and closed only by using the lever located to the side of the driver’s seat, was made so that it could be controlled by a push button, thereby further improving usability.

In September 1998, further improvements were made, leading to changes in the upholstery color and enhancements in riding comfort.

In December 1999, minor changes were made that primarily focused on the interior and exterior designs. The pentagon grille, a distinctive Mazda feature, was used; additionally, for the interior, changes were made around the instrument panel. Furthermore, the 4-speed automatic became an option for the 1.3 Series as well.
In terms of safety features, the ABS and passenger seat SRS airbags were installed in all vehicles as standard equipment.

Second Generation DY Series (2002 – 2007)

In August 2002, the Demio underwent a full model change to its second generation model. Carrying over the first generation model’s concept that had garnered such great popularity, this generation model balanced an interior space that boated usability and a compact size. For the outer design, though it remained in line with that of the previous generation model, efforts were made to significantly improve quality. Moreover, the chassis changed to that of the new generation, contributing to the enhanced running performance and sturdiness of the model.
The body size was enlarged, measuring in length, width, and height at 3,925mm, 1,680mm, and 1,530mm respectively, thus securing an interior space that boasted great length.

The engine lineup consisted of the 1,348cc with 91 horsepower and 1,498cc with 113 horsepower. Though engine displacement remained mostly the same, by changing these to new models, power output was increased.

By adding a canvas top version that had not been developed since the Mazda Festiva, the model responded to even more varied needs.

As for the drive system, though in the beginning, only the FF was made available, by November 2003, the 4WD was introduced as an option.

Minor improvements were made in April 2004. For the engine, the EGR was added. For the transmission, reduction in internal resistance led to improvements in fuel efficiency. Reductions in gas emission levels were achieved, making it a subject of the New Green Tax Plan.

In April 2005, minor changes were implemented, leading to changes to the exterior. The design changes mainly focused on the front grille and bumper.
Fuel efficiency greatly improved as well; for the 1.3 Series FF, it measured at 19.2km/L, and for the 1.5 Series FF, it was 18.2km/L.

Third Generation DE Series (2007 – 2014)

In July 2007, the third generation model was introduced. The outer appearance underwent a radical change into a wedge-shaped sportier look. Car body size measured in length, width, and height at 3,885mm, 1,695mm, and 1,475mm respectively. By reducing length and height while expanding width, the body was changed to one that seemed wider and more spacious. Accordingly, the weight of the vehicle decreased by 100kg, thus leading to improvements in running performance and fuel efficiency.

The engine options consisted of the 1,348c with 90 horsepower and 91 horsepower, as well as the 1,498cc with 113 horsepower. Among these, the 1,348cc ZJ-VEM engine with 90 horsepower was equipped with the Mazda Miller Cycle with the aim to improve fuel efficiency; combined with CVT transmission, fuel consumption was greatly enhanced to 23.0km/L.

For the transmission, in addition to the 1.3 Miller Cycle + CVT, the 1,348cc engine with 91 horsepower was combined with either the 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic, the 1,498cc engine with 113 horsepower with the 5-speed manual or CVT, and the 1.3-4WD with the 4-speed automatic.

In November 2008, with the aim to improve interior quality, the coloring of the center panel was changed to black metallic. Additional improvements included the installment of silver decorative parts to the automatic and CVT selector knobs, door handles, and air conditioning dials.

In June 2011, minor changes were made to the interior and exterior. For the exterior, the design of the front grille was changed, and for the interior, changes were made to the seat covers, further improving quality.
For the engine, the P3-VPS 1,298cc SKYACTIV-G engine with 84 horsepower was added, and to this, the newly developed 13-SKYACTIV with idling stop (i-stop) function was combined. For this grade, the 10-15 fuel consumption measured at 30km/L, equivalent to that of a hybrid vehicle.

In April 2012, collapsible rear seats (divided 6:4) and seat lifters on driver’s seats were installed on the 13-SKYACTIV as standard equipment. Moreover, the same model became a subject of the new eco-friendly tax reduction policy.

In July 2013, LED headlights were installed on certain grades. Furthermore, in December of the same year, a new grade was added that used UV cut glass, further enriching the lineup.

Fourth Generation DJ Series (2014 - )

In July 2014, the Demio underwent another full model change to introduce the fourth generation model. The design theme was “Kodo Soul of Motion,” and the exterior was changed to one with greater presence and excellent features, like the headlights and grille. The car body size was enlarged, measuring in length, width, and height at 4,060mm, 1,695mm, and 1,500mm respectively. Not only was the design theme achieved, but the expansion of interior space was also realized, leading to greater riding comfort.
In terms of the interior as well, the organ axle type, popular in Europe, was used. The seat slide was increased, thus allowing the driver to secure a perfect, comfortable driving position. Furthermore, an effort has been made to reassess the materials overall; instrument panels, ornaments, door trims, and seats were all reassessed and changed to improve quality.

For the engine, the P3-VPS 1,298cc SKYACTIV-G engine was carried over, but its power output increased to 92 horsepower. Furthermore, the 1,498cc SP-DPTS SKYACTIV-D diesel engine with 105 horsepower was introduced for the first time for the Demio.

The transmissions that could be combined with these were: the SKYACTIV-MT 5-speed or 6-speed manual and SKYACTIV-DRIVE 6-speed automatic for the 1.3 Series FF vehicles, and the SKYACTIV-MT 6-speed manual or SKYACTIV-DRIVE 6-speed automatic for the 1.5 Series FF vehicles.

As for the drive system, the 4WD was made available for the 1.5 Series as well. The 4WD was combined with the 6-speed automatic for all vehicles in the lineup.

In addition to these engines and transmissions, for the chassis as well, available options included the SKYACTIV-CHASSIS that realized a lighter body, and the SKY-ACTIV BODY that boasted a harder body; thus, combinations using SKYACTIV technology allowed for greater improvements in both safety and fuel efficiency.

 MODEL Displacement Drive SystemFuel Lineup Year
1996-2002E-DW5W1,498FFGasoline1996, 1997
E-DW3W1,323FFGasoline1996, 1997
GF-DW3W1,323FFGasoline1998 - 2000
LA-DW3W1,323FFGasoline2000, 2001
GF-DW5W1,498FFGasoline1998 - 2001
LA-DY3W1,348FFGasoline2002, 2003
UA-DY5W1,498FFGasoline2002, 2003
UA-DY3W1,348FFGasoline2003, 2004
UA-DY3R1,3484WDGasoline2003, 2004
DBA-DY5R1,4984WDGasoline2004, 2005
DBA-DY3W1,348FFGasoline2004 - 2006
DBA-DY3R1,3484WDGasoline2004 - 2006
DBA-DY5W1,498FFGasoline2004 - 2006
2007-2014DBA-DE5FS1,498FFGasoline2007 - 2014
DBA-DE3FS1,348FFGasoline2007 - 2014
DBA-DEJFS1,298FFGasoline2011 - 2014
DBA-DE3AS1,3484WDGasoline2007 - 2014
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