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First Generation C120 Model (1978- 1988)

The first generation NISSAN VANETTE TRUCK was introduced in November 1978 as the successor to the Sunny Cab. As for its name, it was initially marketed as the SUNNY VANETTE and the CHERRY VANETTE, but later, the DATSUN VANETTE was also added; these were differentiated by the shapes of the headlamps. As for the body shape, the standard and the long were added to the lineup. The grade was the GL, an enriched grade based on the GX.

At the time, the engine installed consisted of the 1,200cc A12 and 1,400cc A14, but the latter was replaced by the 1,500cc A15 in 1980.
In 1981, the diesel engine was added to the lineup.

Second Generation C22 Model (1988- 1993)

The second generation C22 model was introduced in September 1988. The design image of the previous generation model was carried over in terms of the outer appearance, but some changes were made, including the addition of the diesel engine and an alteration to the floor shifter.

The newly installed LD20 diesel engine had a displacement of 1,952cc and power output of 65 horsepower.

Third Generation SE Model (1994- 1999)

The third generation model was introduced in October 1993, and OEM Mazda parts were used for the car body. The standard DX and the GL with enriched equipment were included in the lineup. Riding capacity was 3 people for both, and the 4WD was added to the lineup, with the exception of vehicles carrying the 1,490cc engine.

The engine lineup consisted of: the 1,490cc gasoline engine with 67 horsepower, the 1,789cc gasoline engine with 76 horsepower, and the 2,184cc diesel engine with 61 horsepower.

The transmission combined was the floor shifter 5-speed manual transmission.

In August 1995, the 1,490cc engine was discontinued, and one option each was made available for the gasoline and diesel engines.

The minor changes implemented in October 1996 led to changes to the exterior, such as to the front grille and headlights. The total length was increased by 80mm, and the loading capacity was also improved.

Fourth Generation S21 Model (1999- )

The fourth generation model that was introduced in October 1999 also used OEM Mazda parts. For the body type, the long cargo van and 4WD single-tire vehicle were added. In terms of the interior, the meter cluster area was changed, and the front overhang was expanded due to the increase in total car body length. The newly added long cargo van boasted a loading deck measuring 2,735mm in length, greatly improving loading capacity.

The engine installed largely remained the same, but the power output increased to 90 horsepower for the 1,789cc gasoline engine, and 79 horsepower for the 2,220cc diesel engine.

All grades maintained a car body width of 1,690mm, demonstrating the pursuit of maximum usability.

Minor changes implemented in December 2003 led to the diesel engine being replaced by the RF-type diesel turbo engine; displacement was reduced to 1,998cc while power output was increased to 86 horsepower.

In August 2010, the engine was changed to the L8 1,798cc with 102 horsepower, demonstrating the aim for enhanced environmental performance and fuel efficiency. In terms of the interior as well, the console box, passenger seat airbag, and remote-controlled door mirrors were newly installed as standard equipment. Additionally, improvements were made on the loading deck, further improving loading capacity. Accordingly, for the 4WD model, only lower floors and small rear double tires were available, and the rear single-tire 4WD model carrying a diesel engine was discontinued.

The June 2012 improvements saw changes in the height of the headrest and the addition of the rear reflector, demonstrating an aim to adhere to the strengthening of safety laws and further improving safety.

 MODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLine-Up Year
1978-1988C1201,200Gasoline1978 - 1988
1,400Gasoline1978 - 1980
1,500Gasoline1981 - 1988
1988-1993C221,200Gasoline1988 - 1989
1,500Gasoline1988 - 1989
1,952Diesel1988 - 1989
T-SE28MN1,800 Gasoline
GA-SE88MN1,8004WDGasoline1996 - 1999
GA-SE88TN1,800Gasoline1996 - 1999
GA-SE88HN1,800Gasoline1996 - 1999
GA-SE88MV1,800Gasoline1996 - 1999
GA-SE88VN1,800Gasoline1996 - 1999
GC-SK82LN1,8004WDGasoline1996 - 2003
GC-SK82MN1,8004WDGasoline1996 - 2003
GC-SK82VN1,800Gasoline1996 - 2003
GE-SK82LN1,800Gasoline1996 - 2003
GE-SK82VN1,8004WDGasoline1996 - 2003
1999-KF-SK22LN2,2004WDDiesel1999 - 2003
KF-SK22TN2,200Diesel1999 - 2003
KF-SK22VN2,200Diesel1999 - 2003
KG-SK22LN2,2004WDDiesel1999 - 2003
KG-SK22MN2,2004WDDiesel1999 - 2003
KG-SK22VN2,200Diesel1999 - 2003
KJ-SK22TN2,200Diesel1999 - 2003
KJ-SK22VN2,200Diesel1999 - 2003
GC-SK82TN1,800Gasoline1999 - 2003
TC-SK82MN1,800Gasoline2002, 2003
TC-SK82VN1,800Gasoline2002, 2003
S211,800FRGasoline2010 - 2014
1,8004WDGasoline2010 - 2014
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