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First Generation (2000-2005)

The TOYOTA OPA was the result of the TOYOTA VISTA wagon modified into a multi-purpose vehicle. Features included an unprecedented exterior design, a large cabin designed to come close to the spaciousness of mini-van cabins, and improved driving performance that was achieved by limiting the vehicle’s height. The body measured at 4,250mm, 1,695mm, and 1,525mm for its length, width, and height, and the wheelbase was 2,700mm; as such, the length of the interior space measured at 2,025mm, and the height measured at 1,250mm, securing plenty of space.
As for the exterior design, the A pillar’s incline was sharpened, and by blacking this out, the car gained a fierce and dauntless impression.
The gear shift was a column-mounted shifter for all vehicles; thus, walk-through space was secured between the front seats, and by installing full flat seats, spaciousness and comfort like those of a mini van were realized.

For the rear seats, a variety of seat arrangements were made possible, such as reclining and sliding, responding to various needs and preferences. As for the model at this time, different colors could be set for the front and back seats, demonstrating greater efforts to challenge the standard norm and create an entirely new genre of vehicles.
In terms of the meters, the center meter layout was utilized, further demonstrating a spirit for innovation in the design.

The engine installed were the 1,998cc four-cylinder with 152 horsepower and 1,794cc four-cylinder. The 1,794cc engine’s power output was dependent on the drive system; for the FF, it was 136 horsepower, and for the 4WD, 125 horsepower. Furthermore, vehicles with a 1,998cc engine only had the option of the FF available as the drive system.

The transmission that could be combined was the 4-speed automatic, and for the 1,998cc engine, the CVT-a first for a TOYOTA vehicle. In this way, not only was the design innovative, but the mechanical aspects were as well.

In January 2001, pastel color options were added to the body color lineup to emphasize softness. In August of the same year, minor changes were implemented, such as the addition of an illuminated ash tray.

In June 2002, the design of the center console was renewed. Furthermore, one-touch power windows were installed in all vehicles as standard equipment, furthering the expansion and enrichment of the equipment available.

 MODELMODELDrive SystemFuelLine-Up Year
2000-2005TA-ZCT151,7944WDGasoline2000, 2001
TA-ZCT101,794FFGasoline2000, 2001
TA-ACT101,998FFGasoline2000 - 2004
CBA-ZCT151,7944WDGasoline2004, 2005
CBA-ZCT101,794FFGasoline2004, 2005
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