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Tools that should be Part of your Emergency Car Kit

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The most important thing to never leave home without especially when you’re driving is a tool kit, and is sadly the most common thing people forget. The fancy gadgets you have will do you no good sitting in your home when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. So don’t take any chances even if you own a brand new vehicle because you never know what could go wrong and at what time. One of the most common things to carry are rags, and a whole bunch of them. make sure these rags are lint free, because you may need to clean off parts of your vehicle in case of an emergency such as a dipstick.

If you ever replace spare parts, keep the used ones in the trunk rather than getting rid of them completely. This refers to small parts such as spark plugs and not things that will clutter your space such as lengthy cables. Only save the old parts is they are useable such as air filters, small gizmos and rotors. Add in a couple extra nuts and bolts in case you lose one and its needs to be replaced immediately. There are several emergency parts that prove handy in different situations.

Some of the ones that should be an important part of your toolkit include extra fuses, radiator caps, thermostat, coolant hoses and accessory belts. Spare tires are often ignored mainly because they are neatly tucked away in the trunk of most vehicles. Check your spare tire as often as possible regardless of whether you’re going on a short or long road trip. If you’re spare tire is worn out or needs to be made safe for the road, then it’s best that you take care of this aspect at the first chance you get.

In newer cars, often times a lug wrench is a standard accessory, but if it’s not, it is a handy tool to have. This tool is used during the tire replacement process to change the nuts, and if you’re investing in one, buy one with a cross shaft that will give you more leverage. Speaking of important tools to drive around with, jumper cables tops the list and although you can buy cheap versions, it is important that you invest in an industry certified pair.

Although you may have lights in your vehicle, they may not work at all times and especially when you’re stuck with a dead battery. To ensure you are not stuck in the dark, you should carry a flashlight and some extra batteries. You should also store reflectors in case you need to change your tires at night. A first aid kit is important an important asset of your vehicle must be filled with all the essentials such as surgical tape, tweezers, antibiotic ointments, bandages and some other types of common medication. Some of the other things to include are spare tools, gloves and hand cleaner. Carrying your mobile phone is a given, but it is recommended that you keep an extra one in the glove compartment. This is particularly useful when you are attacked by thieves who have taken all your belongings as well as your cell phone.

These are a few things you should make you have in your vehicle at all times, so now would be a great time to make a check list to see what you’re missing.

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