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TOYOTA KLUGER: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?

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First Generation (2000- 2007)

The TOYOTA KLUGER (KLUGER V) was developed based on the TOYOTA HARRIER and released in November 2000 as a new model SUV. Though they shared the same chassis, in contrast to the HARRIER with its urban design and strong city-use style, the KLUGER boasted a strong exterior design well fit for a SUV. Moreover, the length and height of the car body were expanded in comparison to those of the HARRIER, thus achieving greater interior space and improved riding comfort.

For the interior, genuine leather seats were included as an option. In the luxury G package vehicles, a light color scheme was utilized for the upholstery to heighten an air of quality and luxury. Furthermore, the S package, which boasted a sporty design, took up a dark color scheme, allowing for the two different lines to have different character; as such, the KLUGER appealed to a wide variety of needs and preferences.

As for the equipment, the self-luminous meter was installed in all vehicles. Moreover, vehicles with electro multi-vision were compatible with VICS, allowing users to confirm traffic conditions on-screen.

Efforts were made to secure various storage space through out the interior. One feature was the installment of a DC12V accessory power socket next to the trunk space.

The engine lineup consisted of the V-type 2,994cc six-cylinder gasoline engine with 220 horsepower and the 2,362c inline four-cylinder gasoline engine with 160 horsepower.
The transmission that could be combined was the 4-speed automatic only.

Grade development at the time included the two engines and an option of FF or 4WD; in addition, users could choose from the G package or the S package, making for a total of 8 variations in the lineup.

The riding capacity was 5 people in 2 rows of seats.

In 2003, the first round of minor changes was implemented. The exterior design, particularly in the front area, was changed. In terms of the interior, black upholstery was newly introduced. Furthermore, the “KLUGER L” meant for sale at the Corolla store was added.
At this time, a third row of storable seats was installed, and when in use, this allowed for an improved riding capacity of seven people.

As for the minor changes made in 2005, the discharge headlamp was added to some grades. Furthermore, the KLUGER V was discontinued and consolidated to the KLUGER L.

 MODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLine-Up Year
2000-2007TA-MCU20W2,994FFGasoline2000 - 2002
TA-ACU20W2,362FFGasoline2000 - 2002
TA-ACU25W2,3624WDGasoline2000 - 2002
TA-MCU25W2,9944WDGasoline2000 - 2002
CBA-ACU20W2,362FFGasoline2004 - 2007
CBA-ACU25W2,3624WDGasoline2004 - 2007
CBA-MCU20W2,994FFGasoline2004 - 2007
CBA-MCU25W2,9944WDGasoline2004 - 2007
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