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Guide on using Anti Theft Devices

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Most of today’s manufactured vehicles come standard with some type of anti-theft device even the base versions. These devices not only offer overall protection for your vehicle, but also play a significant role in lowering your insurance premiums. Apart from the factory installed anti-theft device, you can always add aftermarket systems, and the more you have, the lower the insurance premium. This is simply because the substantially high rate of auto theft, which costs insurance companies a fortune and even higher than regular car accidental damage.

So the concept is simple, the more you anti-theft devices you have installed in your vehicle, the chances of it getting stolen hence the less they will have to fork out. This discounted premium may vary depending on a number of factors to include the level of auto theft in your area, the insurance company and the model of the vehicle. Before installing any extra anti-theft device, it is best to confirm with your insurance agent if any additional discounts will apply because there are some insurance companies that give the same discount no matter how many devices you have loaded onto your vehicle.
Most car thieves are least interested in taking your entire vehicle, but are rather only attracted to what’s inside meaning the contents visible inside. A good thief can break into a vehicle, steal whatever they can get their hands on and be gone in a flash. If they are after your vehicle, they know exactly which ones to look for or that are extremely easy to get away with. The reason they take an entire vehicle is mostly to take out the parts and sell them individually and the rest in scrap.

Today more than ever crime is at an all time high considering the current economic conditions and even though your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft device, there are still chances it may be broken into or disappear. Apart from having an anti-theft device, there are additional precautions you can take to lower the risk of break in and auto theft. Try to always keep the windows rolled up especially when you’re parked even for a few minutes.

Furthermore, do not leave the keys in the ignition at any time when the vehicle is not running. This would make it easier for car thieves to simply get in your car and drive off without even using any tools. In the event that you have to leave your vehicle opened, ensure that you do not leave any valuables in plain sight or better yet, do travel along with them at all. When parking the vehicle, make sure you turn the wheels to one side and not keep them straight.

The market is not just limited to just alarms, but there are also other devices that work equally or even better. Steering wheel locks are extremely effective types of anti-theft devices and usually are a great deterrent against thieves. Statistics prove that vehicles with secured with a steering wheel lock are less likely to be approached by thieves vehicles without one. The reason for this is that thieves believe that vehicles with a steering wheel lock also have a high tech alarm or anti-theft device installed.

Lastly, do not park your car in secluded spaces, which gives thieves the time to search your vehicle at their own pace and steal it if needed. If you’re car is stolen, the first point of contact is your local police and not your insurance company. The tips above will help you safeguard your vehicle at all times and use your ant-theft devices to their full potential.

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