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First Generation 10T Model (1935-1943)

The NISSAN DATSUN TRUCK was developed by customizing the 10/11 model chassis, which went on sale in 1932, with a van-type body; it was officially placed on the market in 1934, with the Model 13 truck being the first model. Later, the Model 14 truck, the 15T, and the 17T continued to be built. The car body measurements for the Model 17T truck measured in length, width, and height at 3,020mm, 1,197mm, and 1,550mm respectively.

The 722cc 7-type inline four-cylinder side valve engine with a power output of 16 horsepower was installed.

Second Generation 1121 Model (1946-1955)

The second generation 1121 model went on sale after the end of the war. The model was improved based on the pre-war model due to issues such as the lack of equipment and materials. Later, improvements were made to build the 2124 and 2225. For the 2225 truck, the car body measured in length, width, and height at 3,147mm, 1,458mm, and 1,550mm respectively, making for a larger body.

The same 722cc 7-type inline four-cylinder side valve engine with 16 horsepower was installed.

The 6147 that was introduced in 1953 measured in length, width, and height at 3,406mm, 1,398mm, and 1,590mm respectively, and the engine carried was the D10 860cc inline four-cylinder side valve engine with 25 horsepower, with maximum speed of 72km/h and loading capacity of 600kg.

Third Generation 120 Model (1955-1957)

The third generation 120 model went on sale in January 1955. The cab over style measured in length, width, and height at 3,742mm, 1,466mm, and 1,555mm respectively. A nearly seamless exterior plating made for a more modern style.

The same D10 860cc inline four-cylinder side valve engine with 25 horsepower was used, combined with the 4-speed manual transmission. Maximum loading capacity was 750kg, and maximum speed was also improved to 75km/h.

Later, the 122 was added, which underwent changes in the shape of the front blinkers, and additions of blinkers above the right and left fenders. The gear shift was changed to a column-mounted shifter to build model 123, the shape of the instrument panel was altered to produce 124, and the blinker location was changed to the front grille to develop 125.

Fourth Generation 220 Model (1957-1961)

As early as November 1957, the fourth generation 220 model was introduced. The Datsun 1000 sedan 210 model was used for the car body, and additionally, the truck’s body was customized. The car body measured in length, width, and height at 3,742mm, 1,466mm, and 1,555mm respectively.

The loading capacity was 100kg greater than before, at 850kg.

The C-type 988cc OHV engine with 34 horsepower was newly installed.

In 1960, minor changes were implemented, leading to the front grille design being altered and the engine being exchanged. The E1 1,189cc engine with 55 horsepower was newly installed, with maximum speed improved at 105 km/h.

Fifth Generation 320 Model (1961-1965)

In August 1961, the fifth generation 320 model was introduced. The design of this model featured a front mask that was similar to that of the Bluebird, which was also undergoing a model change at the time. The expanded cabin resulted in greater interior space. The car body was enlarged, measuring in length, width, and height at 4,125mm, 1,515mm, and 1,610mm, respectively.

The same E1 1,189cc engine with 55 horsepower was installed.

As for the suspension, the 4-wheel independent suspension system was installed, leading to great improvements in riding comfort.

Later, in October 1962, September 1963, and September 1964, minor changes were implemented to the exterior.

Sixth Generation 520 Model (1965-1972)

The sixth generation model, which went on sale in May 1965, stopped using the same car body as the Bluebird, and the body size was enlarged, measuring in length, width, and height at 4,245mm, 1,575mm, and 1,545mm respectively. The body type consisted of the 3-person truck, the 6-person pickup and light van. Furthermore, the riding capacity increased from two people to three people.

The J-type 1,299cc four-cylinder OHV engine with 62 horsepower was installed.

In 1966, minor changes were implemented; the exterior was altered, and the long wheel base model was added.

In 1968, the 1,500cc J15 engine was added to the lineup.

Seventh Generation 620 Model (1972-1979)

The seventh generation 620 model went on sale in February 1972. For the body variation, there were the standard, long, custom, pickup, and flat deck, making for a total of 5 variations in the lineup.

The engine was the same as that of the previous generation model; the J13 and J15 were installed.

In 1978, the diesel engine vehicle was added to the lineup. The SD22 engine with 65 horsepower was newly installed.

Eighth Generation 720 Model (1979-1985)

In October 1979, the eight generation 720 model was introduced. The design was changed from the previous generation’s design, which emphasized curves, to one that emphasized straight lines. As for the body variation, the king cab and double cab were newly added to the lineup.

The engine lineup consisted of the 1,600cc J16 engine and 1,800cc J18 engine, leading to an increase in the engine displacement and improvements in driving performance. Furthermore, as with the previous generation model, the 2,200cc SD22 diesel engine was also included in the lineup.

In 1982, minor changes were implemented, and the shape of the headlights changed from four round lamps to four rectangular lamps. Additionally, the engine was changed to the Z16 and Z18 models to adhere to gas emission regulations.

In 1983, improvements were made on the front and rear of the exterior. At this time, the diesel engine was newly changed to the 2,289cc SD23 engine.

Ninth Generation D21 Model (1985-1997)

In August 1986, the ninth generation D21 model was introduced. The exterior became more RV-style, with a blister fender equipped, further transforming the design to a more modern look. As for the interior, elements of passenger vehicles were incorporated to further improve riding comfort.

The engine lineup consisted of the Z16 1,595cc four-cylinder OHV gasoline engine, the Z18 1,770cc gasoline engine, the Z20 1,952cc gasoline engine, and the SD23 2,289cc diesel engine. Later, these were changed to the 1,998cc gasoline engine with 91 horsepower, the 2,693cc naturally aspirated diesel engine with 85 horsepower, and the turbocharged diesel engine with 100 horsepower.

The transmissions that could be combined with these were the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic.

As for the body variation, the standard, long, flat deck, and double cab were made available, to be combined with the FR and 4WD.

Tenth Generation D22 Model (1997-2002)

In January 1997, the tenth generation model was introduced. The chassis of the D21 of the previous generation model was used, while changes were made on the body and engine. The body size ranged from a length, width, and height of 4,685mm, 1,690mm, and 1,620mm to 4,895mm, 1,820mm, and 1,715mm respectively. The body variation consisted of the 2WD single cab semi-long and long, and the 4WD long and double cab-a total of eight variations.

The trunk of the single cab/semi-long body measured in length, width, and height at 1,935mm, 1,465mm, and 420mm respectively, and for the single cab/long body, 2,235mm, 1,465mm, and 420mm, and for the double cab, 1,395mm, 1,390mm, and 435mm.

The engine lineup consisted of the 1,998cc and 2,388cc gasoline engines with a respective power output of 91 and 130 horsepower, as well as the 2,663cc and 3,153cc diesel engines with a respective power output of 85 and 100 horsepower.

As with the previous generation model, these were combined with the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions.

In 1999, the gasoline engine was replaced with a new-generation model; though the engine displacement remained the same, the power output and fuel efficiency were improved.

MODEL Displacement Drive SystemFuel Lineup Year
15T722FRGasoline1936, 1937
17T722FRGasoline1938 - 1943
2225722FRGasoline1947 - 1951
6147860FRGasoline1951 - 1955
222988FRGasoline1959, 1960
1961-19653201,200FRGasoline1961 - 1965
U3201,200FRGasoline1961 - 1965
V3201,200FRGasoline1961 - 1965
G3201,200FRGasoline1961 - 1965
1965-19725201,300/1,500FRGasoline1965 - 1967
G520FRGasoline1966, 1967
521FRGasoline1968 - 1971
1972-19796201,300FRGasoline1972 - 1975
1,500FRGasoline1972 - 1979
2,200FRDiesel1978, 1979
1979-19857201,600FRGasoline1979 - 1985
1,800FRGasoline1979 - 1985
2,200FRDiesel1979 - 1981
2,300FRDiesel1983 - 1985
L-C7201,600FRGasoline1982 - 1985
L-GC7201,600FRGasoline1982 - 1985
1985-1997L-C(G)D211,600FRGasoline1985 - 1989
L-DD211,800FRGasoline1985 - 1987
L-DMD/DYD211,8004WDGasoline1985 - 1987
S-P(G)D212,300FRDiesel1989 - 1992
U-PGD212,300FRDiesel1989 - 1992
S-BMD212,700FRDiesel1989 - 1992
T-(G)D211,600FRGasoline1989 - 1995
T-Q(G)212,000FRGasoline1989 - 1995
T-QMD212,000FRGasoline1989 - 1995
T-QYD212,000FRGasoline1989 - 1992
U-B(G)MD212,700FRDiesel1992 - 1995
U-BMD212,700FRDiesel1992 - 1995
KC-B(G)D212,700FRDiesel1995 - 1997
KC-BMD212,700FRDiesel1995 - 1997
KC-LBMD212,700FRDiesel1995 - 1997
1997-2002KC-LRMD223,200FRDiesel1997 - 1999
KG-LRMD223,2004WDDiesel1999 - 2002
KC-BD222,700FRDiesel1999 - 2002
KG-LBD222,700FRDiesel1999 - 2002
GC-LFD222,400FRGasoline1999 - 2002
GC-LFMD222,4004WDGasoline1999 - 2002
GA-LFMD222,000FRGasoline1999 - 2002
GA-QD222,000FRGasoline1997 - 1999
GC-LPD222,000FRGasoline1997 - 1999
GC-PD22 2,000FRGasoline1999 - 2002
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