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MERCEDES BENZ ML320: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?

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First Generation W163 Model (1997-2002)

MERCEDES BENZ ML230 went on sale in 1998 as a mid-size model of the W163 M-Class. Up until then, the G-Class had been marketed as a MERCEDES BENZ SUV line, but in comparison, the ML230 was developed with a focus on on-road use. In terms of the exterior design, compared with the hard and tough impression that the design of the G-Class conveyed, MERCEDES BENZ ML320 utilized a design that was similar to that of the MERCEDES BENZ sedan, particularly around the headlights, front grille, and taillights.

The manufacturing was done at an American factory-a first for MERCEDES BENZ vehicles. The body size measured in length, width, and height at 4,600mm, 1,835mm, and 1,820mm respectively. Though designed with on-road use in mind, a sturdy rudder frame structure was used for the chassis, making it suitable for off-road driving as well. However, its weight was heavy for a vehicle of its class, measuring at 1,970kg.

In terms of the interior, two-tone color dashboard areas, walnut wood panels, and metal-plated door knobs were installed, boosting the luxurious feel of the model.

Thought was placed on the rear seat arrangements as well; by utilizing a board to fill in the gaps between the steps, the cargo space was made almost completely flat.

The engine carried was the 112 V-type six-cylinder 3,199cc engine with 218 horsepower, which was combined with a 5-speed manual transmission. The drive system was 4WD and combined with 4ESP (Electronic Stability Program), thereby making it possible to prevent the tires from running idle and securing driving power.

Fuel consumption measured at 7.3km/L. The standard tire size was 255/60R17.

In the beginning, only the ML320 was available, but later, the ML320 sports line was added. This grade was installed with the AMG Styling Package, which included aero parts, over fender, 285/50R18 wide tires in the rear and front, as well as 18-inch aluminum wheels, thus differentiating it from the other. Furthermore, in terms of the interior as well, genuine leather seats were used, thereby making this grade a comparatively more luxurious edition.

In 2001, minor changes were made, and the front and rear bumper designs underwent a facelift. Further improvements included the use of the same color for the entire body, and for certain grades, the installment of projector headlamps with clear lenses on the headlights.

For the interior, changes were made to the center console configuration and layout of the switches, further improving maneuverability. Moreover, to improve backseat safety, SRS rear side bags and SRS window bags were installed as standard equipment.

 MODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLine-Up Year
1998-20021631543,1994WDGasoline1998 - 2002
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