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TOYOTA HIACE REGIUS: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?

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First Generation (1997- 1999)

The TOYOTA HIACE REGIUS, which went on sale in April 1997, employed the chassis of the Granvia, but saw reductions in width that made it a 5-number size minivan. Elements of the Granvia were carried over in the exterior design. The body size measured in length, width, and height at 4,695mm, 1,695mm, and 1,960mm respectively; just from these figures, one could determine that the REGIUS was based on the 5 number body.

In contrast to the previous HIACE models that were cab overs, the bonneted REGIUS was more in line with a passenger vehicle design, with a focus on driving position and driving experience. Moreover, as it was a bonneted van, the crushable zone was enlarged, and it newly utilized a GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) body whose safety features were designed with collision in mind; thus, overall safety was greatly improved.

Riding capacity was 7 people for the high-class grade, and 8 people for the standard grade. Moreover, for the second seats, rotating, full-flat, and table seats were made available; additionally, the third seats were able to slide up to 945mm. In total, 100 different seat arrangements were made possible.

For the grades, the high-class grade “REGIUS G,” the standard “REGIUS,” and the basic grade “REGIUS E” were made available; in addition, the “Wind Tourer” with aero parts and a sportier design was also included in the lineup. For the “Wind Tourer,” a “Wind Tourer White Version” that used “Super White II” as the body color was also made available, demonstrating an effort to enrich variation options. Moreover, in terms of equipment installed, it was made possible to install “twin moon roofs” as an optional setting.
In addition to the wagon, the van was also added to the lineup. For the van, the riding capacity was 2/5 people or 3/6 people, depending on the rear seats.

The engine lineup consisted of two types- the 2,693cc gasoline engine with 145 horsepower and the 2,982cc diesel engine with 130 horsepower. For the van, the 1998cc gasoline engine with 110 horsepower and the 2,985cc diesel engine with 91 horsepower were made available.

The transmissions that could be combined with these were the following: for the wagon, all vehicles were equipped with column-mounted 4-speed automatic, with either the FR or 4WD; and for the van, 5-speed manual transmission and 4-speed column-mounted automatic transmission were made available.

In 1998, the lineup for the 4WD was enriched, and a variation with dual sliding doors was introduced. Furthermore, automatic air conditioning, rear spoilers, and sliding door easy closers were all installed as standard equipment, marking greater equipment options.

In August 1999, the model evolved to the “REGIUS (with the HIACE removed),” which featured a greatly enlarged grille and other significant changes to the exterior.

 MODELDisplacementFuelDrive SystemLine-Up Year
1997-1999E-RCH47W2,693Gasoline4WD1997 - 1999
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