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First Generation P10 Model (1990-1995)

The NISSAN PRIMERA went on sale in February 1999 as a new type vehicle. The exterior utilized an unprecedented style that had a European feel, and needless to say, the interior matched the exterior. Additionally, it used a European suspension system and running performance, boasting features that had not been seen with Japanese vehicles prior to this.

The interior height and length were increased to enhance riding comfort. Moreover, simple yet quality materials were used for the upholstery and seats.

The car body measured in length, width, and height at 4,400mm, 1,695mm, and 1,385mm respectively, making it a relatively compact vehicle. Only the 4-door sedan was available as the body type.

The 1,838cc engine with 110 horsepower and the 1,998cc engine with 150 horsepower were made available.

The transmissions that could be combined with these were the 5-speed manual or the 4-speed automatic.

As for the drive system, only the FF was available for vehicles carrying 1,838cc engines with 110 horsepower, the FF was available for vehicles carrying the 1,998cc engine with 150 horsepower, and in October 1990, the option for 4WD was introduced. In terms of the suspension system, for FF vehicles, front multi-link suspension was used for the first time for NISSAN vehicles, thus improving followability on roads.

In October 1991, with the aim to improve safety features, the high-mount stop lamp and seatbelt warning alarm were newly installed.

In September 1992, minor changes were made to the interior and exterior. The suspension system was improved, and for certain grades of vehicles carrying the 1,998cc engine, the full-flex shock absorber was installed, which allowed for automatic adjustments of damping force. Furthermore, the 1,838cc engine was able to increase its power output to 125 horsepower.

In September 1994, with an aim to expand safety features, driver’s seat SRS airbags were installed to all vehicles as standard equipment, and the option to install passenger seat SRS airbags was also introduced.

Second Generation P11 Model (1995-2001)

A full model change of the PRIMERA was implemented in September 1995. The exterior design of the second generation model carried over the “keep concept” design of the previous generation model. The body size increased slightly, measuring in length, width, and height at 4,430mm, 1,695mm, and 1,400mm respectively; thus, the size remained compact and light.

Options for the engine, transmission, and drive system were all carried over from the previous generation model.

In terms of the suspension system, for FF vehicles, multi-link rear suspension was used, further improving running performance.

In August 1996, SRS airbags were installed on the driver and passenger seats, and the ABS was installed as standard equipment, demonstrating continued efforts to improve safety.

In September 1997, minor changes were made to the interior and exterior. For the exterior, the design-particularly that of the front area-was renewed. Moreover, certain grades of vehicles that carried a 1,998cc engine installed the Hyper CVT-M6 as its transmission.
The 2.0 Te-V that carried the SR20VE engine with 190 horsepower and Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) was added to the lineup.
Furthermore, the wagon was added to the body type options.

In September 1998, improvements were made on the engines of the 1.8 grade. The newly added 1,769cc engine with 125 horsepower improved fuel efficiency through the use of a lean combustion system, thus enhancing fuel consumption from 15.6km/L to 17.6km/L.

Third Generation P12 Model (2001-2008)

In January 2001, another full model change led to the introduction of a third generation model that saw great changes to the interior and exterior designs. The resulting model was a 3 number body category, making it completely different from its predecessors.
A center meter (meters located at the center of the dashboard) was utilized, and the equipment options were enriched. Furthermore, a 7-inch liquid-crystal display was installed at the center of the instrument panel for TV/DVD and car navigation functions. Additionally, a built-in ETC was installed, and option settings like automatic safety driving distance control system was introduced.
The car body measured in length, width, and height at 4,565mm, 1,760mm, and 1,480mm respectively, leading to a greatly enlarged body size.

The displacement of the engines carried was greatly increased. Though they both remained inline four-cylinder engines, the 1,998cc gasoline engine had a power output of 150 horsepower, and the 2,488cc gasoline engine a power output of 170 horsepower.

The drive system was the FF, and the transmission option consisted of either the Hyper CVT or the 4-speed automatic.

In August 2001, a new grade, the 2.0 V, was added to the lineup; it carried a SR20VE engine with 204 horsepower and Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), which was combined with a 6-speed manual transmission. Moreover, the 4WD model was revived for vehicles carrying a 1,998cc engine; this was combined with the 4-speed automatic transmission. In terms of the engine, later, the 1,769cc engine with 125 horsepower was introduced, as it was made available for the 1.8C grade.

Minor changes were made in July 2003, leading to alterations to the interior and exterior designs. For the exterior, the design of the front area was changed, leading to a greater air of novelty. For the interior as well, black was introduced as a new upholstery color; furthermore, the overall quality of the interior was increased due to additions like wooden parts and metal-plated parts.

 MODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLine-Up Year
1990-1995E-HNP101,9984WDGasoline1990 - 1994
E-HP101,998FF1990 - 1994
E-P101,838FF1990 - 1995
E-FHP101,998FF1991 - 1995
1995-2001E-P111,838FF1995 - 1997
GF-HNP111,9984WD1998 - 2000
GH-HP121,999FF2001, 2002
TA-RP122,488FF2002 - 2005
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