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First Generation (1988-1997)

As a light cross-country vehicle with usability in a city setting, the first generation SUZUKI ESCUDO went on sale in May 1988, introduced in a marketplace dominated by large-size SUVs such as the MITSUBISHI PAJERO.

Its design emphasized straight lines, a blister fender, and a strong and stylish exterior. The FR base with a rudder frame was employed for the chassis, balancing a refined suspension system with running performance and comfort on bad roads. The car body measured in length, width, and height at 3,560mm, 1,635mm, and 1,665mm respectively, making for a size with great usability.
For the interior as well, an atmosphere in line with that of a passenger vehicle and a comfortable interior space were realized.

The 1,590cc gasoline engine with 82 horsepower was carried, and this was combined with a 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission.
The drive system for all vehicles was the 4WD.

For the body type, the hard top, convertible, and hard top van were made available.

In August 1990, improvements were made on the engine, increasing its power output to 100 horsepower. The transmission lineup was also varied, with improvements made to introduce the 4-speed automatic. Moreover, by the next month, in addition to the 3-door, the 5-door was newly added. For the 5-door, the car body was enlarged, measuring in length, width, and height at 3,975mm, 1,635mm, and 1,700mm respectively.

In August 1991, improvements were made to increase safety features, such as the installation of side door beams, seatbelt alarms, and high mount stop lamps on all vehicles.

In December 1994, minor changes were implemented to achieve significant improvements to the exterior. The exterior design was changed, with a focus on the front area; the design evolved to one that gave the appearance of the front grille's integration with the car body.
Furthermore, the V-type six-cylinder 1,998cc gasoline engine with 140 horsepower and the 1,998cc diesel engine with 76 horsepower were newly added to the engine lineup.

In February 1996, the power output of the V-type six-cylinder 1,998cc gasoline engine was improved to 145 horsepower. Moreover, safety features were enriched, including the optional installation of driver's seat airbags and ABS to certain grades.

In October 1996, the engine lineup was reevaluated, leading to the replacement of the V-type six-cylinder 1,998cc gasoline engine by the V-type six-cylinder 2,493cc engine with 160 horsepower. Additionally, the inline four-cylinder 1,995cc gasoline engine with 140 horsepower was also added to the lineup.

Second Generation (1997-2005)

In November 1997, the ESCUDO underwent a full model change to its second generation model. Compared to the first generation model, this model featured an exterior design that emphasized more roundness, leading to a design change from one than emphasized a European feel to an American feel.
Moreover, improvements were made on the chassis and suspension system, leading to further enhancements in running performance and riding comfort.
In terms of the interior as well, to maximize luxuriousness, the design was changed to one that integrated everything from the meter cluster to the center console. Additionally, changes were made to the materials as well, leading to a further increase in quality.
The body size was enlarged for the 5-door 1.6 series, measuring in length, width, and height at 4,090mm, 1,695mm, and 1,685mm respectively.

Four options were made available for the engine, consisting of the 1,590cc gasoline engine with 107 horsepower, the 1,995cc gasoline engine with 140 horsepower, the V-type six-cylinder 2,493cc gasoline engine with 160 horsepower, and the 1,998cc diesel engine with 92 horsepower.

Minor changes were made in April 2000, leading to changes to the interior and exterior. The designs for the front grille and front/rear bumpers were changed, making for a more powerful and fierce impression. In terms of the interior, the safety features were reevaluated, and front/rear air bags and seatbelts with pretensioner and force limiters were newly installed.
Moreover, for the drive system, in addition to the 4WD, the FR was added as an option for 3-door 1.6 grade vehicles.

In November 2002, the interior design underwent a facelift, leading to changes to the steering wheel and additions of new upholstery colors, such as beige and gray. Furthermore, the lineup was greatly reorganized, and the 3-door model and 1.6 series were discontinued.

In June 2003, the grade that carried the V-type six-cylinder 2,493cc engine with 160 horsepower was discontinued, making the 1,995cc gasoline engine with 140 horsepower the only engine option. This engine was improved to enhance environmental performance, leading to its achieving certification as an Excellent Low Emission Vehicle (E-LEV).

Third Generation (2005-)

Another full model change led to the current third generation model being introduced in May 2005. The popular design of the first generation model, which emphasized straight lines, was brought back, featuring an outer appearance that greatly increased quality and texture.

The chassis was changed to a monocoque structure, but a built-in rudder frame was also implemented, increasing strength and rigidity. For the suspension system, the multi-link rear suspension with sub-frame was installed, leading to significant improvements in riding comfort.

The car body was also enlarged and made into a 3 number body category, measuring in length, width, and height at 4,390mm (increased from 3,950mm), 1,810mm, and 1,695mm respectively.

For the interior, silver decorative panels were installed, further enhancing quality.

The engine options consisted of the inline four-cylinder 1,995cc gasoline engine with 145 horsepower and the V-type six-cylinder 2,736cc gasoline engine with 184 horsepower.

For the inline four-cylinder 1,995cc engine with 145 horsepower, the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions were made available, and for the V-type six-cylinder 2,736cc engine with 184 horsepower, the 5-speed automatic transmission was newly made available.

In June 2006, the 3-door body was newly added. For this grade, the 1,586cc gasoline engine with 106 horsepower was carried, combined with a 5-speed manual transmission. However, sale of this grade lasted only until May 2007.

Minor changes were implemented in June 2008, leading to design changes in the front area of the exterior.
The engine lineup was greatly reformed, leading to the lineup changing to one that consisted of the inline four-cylinder 2,393cc gasoline engine with 166 horsepower and the V-type six-cylinder 3,195cc gasoline engine with 224 horsepower. The inline four-cylinder 2,393cc gasoline engine with 166 horsepower boasted advanced environmental performance, leading to its certification as a vehicle achieving “2010 Fuel Consumption Standards +5%.”

The lineup was reorganized in June 2009, and the engine option was consolidated to the inline four-cylinder 2,393cc engine with 166 horsepower.

Minor changes were made in July 2012, leading to alterations to the exterior design. The base color of the front grille and headlights were made black, thereby making the exterior appear more uniform and tight.

In August 2014, minor improvements were made to improve quality and texture, such as changes to the seat covers.

 MODEL DisplacementDrive SystemFuel Lineup Year
E-TD11W1,998Gasoline4WD1994 - 1996
E-TD61W2,493Gasoline4WD1996, 1997
E-TA01R1,590Gasoline4WD1988 - 1997
E-TD01W1,590Gasoline4WD1990 - 1997
E-TA01W1,590Gasoline4WD1988 - 1997
E-TD51W 1,995Gasoline4WD1996, 1997
GF-TA02W1,590Gasoline4WD1997 - 1999
GF-TD62W2,493Gasoline4WD1998, 1999
GF-TD02W1,590Gasoline4WD1997 - 1999
GF-TL52W1,995Gasoline4WD1998, 1999
LA-TD62W2,493Gasoline4WD2000 -2002
LA-TL52W1,995Gasoline4WD2000 - 2004
CBA-TD94W2,736Gasoline4WD2005 - 2007
CBA-TDA4W2,393Gasoline4WD2005 - 2014
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