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Advantages of using Optional Memory Module for car’s Navigation System

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Unlike earlier car models, present ones can run long distances without any hindrance. Most of them come with air conditioning and comfortable seating arrangements. Cross country rides are thus gaining in popularity. Even if you are an experienced driver it is not possible for you to keep all the roads in mind. The present lifestyle has made us too heavily reliant upon the electronic aides. When you are travelling long distances you have no way to learn and then keep all the roads in mind. This is when your navigation system, installed within the car, comes in handy. It tells you all about the roads and directs you safely to the location you need to visit.

But the navigation system runs on its memory space. To get road directions from this advanced system you have to feed the navigation system with downloaded maps. Detailed maps take up a lot of space and when you add to it the default setting space captured to run the map and provide directions, there is not much left for new downloads. But when you are visiting a new location, you will have to download new maps and feed them to the system. If you confront a problem with low memory then it is wise to opt for optional memory module for your car’s navigation system.

The optional memory module gives you a lot of extra space to download and keep maps integrated into your navigation set up. There are various types of optional memory modules available in the market. Some of them include:
•MicroSDHC: These are available in storage capacities of 4 GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.
•SDHC: These memory options are available in capacities of up to 4GB storage space.
•SD: These cards can support a memory of up to 2GB.

There are certain memory cards which will ask for formatting before use. You should format these to get accurate data or maximum storage space. But the modern varieties may come with prior formatting. These high end optional memory cards are formatted to FAT 32 which is the exact format to be used in car navigation system.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Optional Memory Module

It is not wise to run out of the memory space when you are planning to visit a location distant from your home. So, as a car owner you should keep looking at the status of your navigation system’s memory. The manufacturer’s manual for the navigation system contains a description of the free memory space available. This is the total memory space which is significantly occupied by the operating system as soon as you install it. So, you have to subtract the operating space from total memory to get the memory status of the navigation system. When you download any map, it will contain details about file size. Keep on subtracting the map file size with the memory in hand and you will be in a safe zone. As soon as you understand that the memory space cannot accommodate any more maps, order for an optional memory module.

Benefits of Optional Memory Module


The optional memory module helps you enhance the storage capacity. So, you will not have to use maps while driving. Using physical maps to get to locations can be a risky affair, even if the car owner is widely experienced. You are never sure of the coordinates. The optional memory allows you to download the specific map and reach the location without any hiccups.


Just think how your fellow riders will react if you have to stop the car after every few minutes to view the map, take a stock of the location and then ask the locals for assistance. They will be irritated, right? The optional memory module saves you from all this, you can just install it with the navigational system and reach locations without any unscheduled stops.

Long Distance:

May be you want to drive all the way to another state or district. It is not possible to feed a navigation system with the map of an entire country and all its taverns. So, you need to download a comprehensive map of the area. If you run out of space, then the optional memory module comes to your rescue.

Easy Installation:

Most of the modern optional memory modules are very easy to install and use. You do not have to be a geek to use these successfully.
So, opt for an optional memory module that best suits your needs and ride without any hassles.

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