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How to Choose the Right Car Video System?

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Picture this situation: it’s a hot summer day and you are carrying your family for a trip in your car. You have been riding for hours now, and all the riders are feeling the heat even though there is air conditioning turned on. Not one of your kids has complained, far from it they have been sitting silent all through the trip and at times giggling. Isn’t it a dream like situation? This is the power that car video system offers to you. Car video systems are popular among the car owners and why shouldn’t they? These devices provide entertainment, fun and even keep your car safe. Most of the cars have built in video systems as factory components for other models you have to buy and install these. The video entertainment system can make your car a better place to ride in. Before going ahead with the how to buy guide it is important to judge the benefits of these systems.

Why Do You Need Car Video System?


All the trips whether it is a short trip to the local supermarket or a long cross country trip becomes fun when there is a car video system installed. These systems are highly useful if you have small children who create a lot of commotion while travelling. With the backseat video systems you can allow the kids to watch movies, cartoons or may be even play video games. Most of these video systems have plug-in earphones, so your kids will be able to enjoy the movie privately while you listen to the radio channels.


Some of the advanced video systems around can be connected to the navigation system and stream turn by turn visuals as well as voice instructions. It means you can get to your desired location safely and accurately. You will not have to keep stopping the car to go through the map.


Video systems come in various attractive forms. The first time riders are sure to notice this enhancement and they will praise you for it. Some video systems even come with touch-screen controls.

How to Choose?

When you venture into the market to buy a car video system always make a list of features you want in your video system. You should set priorities for each feature. Some of the features may include:
•Monitors: You may opt for one or multiple monitors based on your needs.
•Locations for Installation: There are many varieties of monitors available. Some of the common installation options that you may choose from include center console monitors, headrest monitors, dashboard monitors, sun visor monitors, overhead monitors (that are hung from the ceiling) and in-dash monitors. All these varieties have their own features and locations, so choose upon the usage.
•Screens: There are various monitor sizes for car video systems. The sizes start from 6 inch for headrest monitors and may be as large as 20 inch for overhead flip down screens. You may opt for LCD screen, swivel screen, plasma screen or widescreen.
•Video Player: The most common option in this regard is DVD Player, but you may also install a satellite for television viewing or may be a video game system that offers games.
•Audio: Though most of the car video systems come with built-in speakers, but if you need surround sound then opt for special speakers.

Now that you have made a list of features that you need, it is time to set the budget. Consider the price of all the components and set a viable budget. You may use the Internet to research about the suppliers and compare their prices to get a good deal. List down the suppliers offering same features as you need and that too within your pre-set budget. Now go about enquiring about the fame of each supplier and buy from only a reputed source.

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