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MITSUBISHI PAJERO JR: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?

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First Generation (1995-1998)

The MITSUBISHI PAJERO JR was released in November 1995 as a model riding the wave of the popularity of SUV vehicles. The model was based on the chassis of the MITSUBISHI PAJERO MINI, and the body was enlarged and equipped with a wide fender.

As for the suspension system, the displacement was increased, and improvements were made to respond to the engine's enhanced power output; though the base was the PAJERO MINI, with a strut in the front and the 5-link in the rear, the suspension arm was extended and the tread was increased, leading to greater running stability. Thus, it could be said that the use of a wide fender was partly in response to this increased tread. As for the outer appearance, in addition to the fender being enlarged, the bumper was also made larger. The body size measured in length, width, and height at 3,500mm, 1,545mm, and 1,660mm respectively, and the vehicle weight was 960kg. Only a 3-door type was made available, with a riding capacity of four people.

The interior measurements were the same as those of the PAJERO MINI, but improvements were made to safety features, such as the installment of driver side airbags as standard equipment.

For the engine, the newly developed inline four-cylinder 1,094cc gasoline engine with 80 horsepower was made available.

The transmission that could be combined with this was a 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic.

The drive system was 4WD for all vehicles, and an Easy Select 4WD transfer box was installed that enabled drivers to switch gears while running. If running at a speed below 80km/hour, the driver was able to switch between FR and 4WD by simply maneuvering the lever.

The tire size for the base grade was 175/80R15, and for higher-class grades of “White” and “McTwist,” the 205/70R15 was used.

The fuel consumption ranged from 13.2km/L to 14.4km/L.

In January 1997, improvements were made to enhance running stability. For the front brakes, bench-rated disk brakes that boasted superior heat dissipation were newly installed in all vehicles as standard equipment.

In January 1998, the “Anniversary Limited” model with a specialized body color and black upholstery was added to the lineup. This grade saw other improvements, such as a change in materials used for the seat covers and door trim, further leading to a more refined appearance; moreover, wooden panels were installed in the audio area, leading to an overall improvement in quality to the interior. Furthermore, UV cut glass and map lamps were also newly introduced as additional equipment.

 MODELDisplacement Drive SystemFuelLineup Year
1995-1998E-H57A1,094Gasoline4WD1995 - 1998
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