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Keep your car running forever - Six valuable tips

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The car is one of the most important commodities in this period of time. It is essential to have a personal car for various reasons. It could be used for the business purpose and also for the family purposes. When you own a personal car, there are things which are to be kept in mind on a regular basis. To have a well maintained car is of prime importance or else it would not server the purpose of having one. We would like to discuss some of the factors that help the car in its proper working condition.

a.First of all the manual that has been provided by the manufacturers has to be studied in all the details. The instructions that are given need to be considered and followed as per it. This is very important as the manufacturer gives you all the details of the make and positioning of the various components and their functions. Hence to know the design and understand the mechanism of working helps us to know the vehicle which we have. This manual provides the information about the intervals at which the vehicle needs to be serviced. The running of the engine and the time when the oil and diesel filter needs to be changed. The air filters also need to be changed so that the engine has a fresh ventilation to perform well with clean fuel and fresh and uncontaminated oil which passes through the engine giving it lubrication to prevent the wear and tear of the components. The other important thing which needs to be replaced at a particular interval is the time belt. This could be expensive but in order to prevent a bigger and more expensive damage, this belt needs to be changed when suggested.

b.Regular check up for the tire air pressures: this is one of the most neglected aspects. Many of us do not pay much attention to check the tires at the corrected inflated pressures as indicated. If we take care and keep the optimum tire inflation, it serves many benefits. Firstly the safety of the car when driving at different speeds or at the normal speeds is controlled. Secondly, it also helps in obtaining the fuel consumption or we call it the average mileage per liter of fuel.

c.Drive gently and smartly: the car is a mechanical device and needs to be handled with care. If the temperatures around are low, the initial start up would take some time. Let it take time and let the engine oil gradually get the heat it needs for evenly flowing through the machine components. Do not be hasty in accelerating the device. Also have good driving habits. That is do not take off suddenly or accelerate when there needs to slow down the speed. It is a good thing to control the speed on the accelerator of the car and depend very less on the brakes. This also helps to attain greater mileage per liter of the fuel. Also the unnecessary wear and tear of the engine and the brake liners is avoided.

d.Always it’s good to keep the car clean, spick and span. It not only a good habit to clean the exteriors of the car but also the interior. Use the vacuum cleaner to get the seats and flooring cleaned of the fine dust and other dirt. This could save the metal from getting rusted. Use a perfume inside the car and enjoy the ride.

e.Always try to park your car in the shade if possible or else try to use the cover to cover it when not in use. Try not to park the car under a tree on uneven surfaces. This would help to maintain the paint of the car and also it is advisable to get a wax polish for the car done to protect the paint.

f.Take care that the ignition key is not loaded with many more keys which are not a part of the car. This would prevent the damage of the inner tumbler of the key hole from wear and tear due to the load of various other keys and the jerks of the road.

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