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Does used car dent your pocket?

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Does used car dent your pocket?

There is absolutely nothing scary about buying a used car provided you have done all the required precautionary exercises. Decision making on a used car would be a very tricky affair. You can definitely overcome this situation if you are clear about your budget, purpose and type of car that you are looking. You should not hope from one decision to other by listening to your friends and relatives advices. Be ready to accept a professional advice and stick to their advice. If you are not looking for a fancy car then be realistic. If you don’t have a prejudiced love for a particular brand or make of a car, then the best option is to listen to the professional advice.

If proper care is not taken as per the book of rules there is every chance to end up in trouble. The trouble will be in the form of money and time. Getting rid of a bad car is not an easy thing. You have to compromise quite a lot on the cost of the car. Therefore, always go through the book of rules before you buy a used car. There are so many online companies and appraisal firms who can help you in this regard.

The bottom line is never buy a car that is done more than 270, 000 – 370, 000 km. The reason is, most of the new generation cars are designed to perform its best during this period and almost all their components might have reached to their lowest potential. Hence, these types of cars require more repairs or replacements. This will be very expensive than the normal tear and wear maintenance that has to be carried out as part of the periodical maintenance.
Never buy a car that has rust beyond the acceptable level. Rust is something that keeps spreading year by year and you can never stop spreading it to other areas. Rust repairing needs to be definitely accompanied by body patch work and repainting, which shall be very expensive hence has to be avoided.

Check vehicle history and go through all the details. If the vehicle is involved in major accident it is better to avoid this type of cars. Further, do not buy a car that doesn’t have service/repair records. If the car is professionally serviced there must be service records for verification. If the owner does not want to show or you have the feeling that the owner is hiding something, then better avoid this type of deals.

Look for visible signs of abuse and negligent usage. Severe dents, stains inside the car are a bad indication of abuse and usage. If the car has bad odor, it is also an indication that the car owners are careless and you can expect the kind of treatment he might be given to its mechanical side. Not only that the bad odor is difficult to get rid of. You need to spend a lot of money for interior full service but it will not be of any use.

If you are buying a used car for your office or family use, then never buy a car of high performance. Mostly youngsters would be the owners or users of such cars and there is every chance the owners must have tried everything with the car to find out what the car can do for them. Since there is every possibility that such type of cars would be used so badly, it is not advised to go after them.

Checking engine oil, coolant and transmission fluid will give you an exact picture of the cars mechanical condition and nature of the owner. Your mechanic can tell you exactly what the mechanical condition of the car is after checking the above. Always insist for a road test drive. If it provides satisfactory feeling then you can believe your intuition. Having given maximum attention to all the details of a used car before your purchase, then it won’t dent your pocket.

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