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Important Aspects of General Maintenance of Used Cars

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Maintenance of car is very important when you have a car. Whether it is brand new or used car, you need to have maintenance done at regular intervals. Apart from periodical maintenance there are preventive measures which will help you prolong your car’s life, as well as give you a trouble free performance. General maintenance is the best way to keep your car in good condition, so that you can have a dependable functioning of your car at any given moment of time.

Let us have a close look at the regular maintenance tips. Every day in the morning make it a practice to check the oil and radiator water levels of the car. New age cars will have all the readings on the dash board once the car is started. Even then, it is a good practice to check the engine oil and coolant levels. Then check the brake fluid level. Further, you may check the battery water level too. If your car has sealed battery, then it won’t possible for you to check the batter water level yourself. In addition to this, you may check the fan, dynamo and power steering belts. If any of the above checking prompts you to attend on required rectification then do it without any delay.

After these checks, check the condition of the tires. If tires require inflation do it and maintain proper pressure by using a pressure gauge. Properly inflated tires will provide you smooth driving. To get a long life for the tires and driving pleasure it is advised to rotate the car tires periodically. Most of the tire companies recommend the need of tire rotation and its frequencies. Rotation timings vary from company to company but it is recommended to change between 9,000 to 15,000 miles. This practice will reduce uneven wearing of tires and can extend their life.

Another important aspect relating to car maintenance is regular engine and transmission oil change. Frequency of oil change depends on the type of oil being used in the engine. There are special grade oils that allow you to change oils after longer time than normal engine oils. Oil filters also need to be changed at regular intervals. You can note down the date of change of oils along with odometer reading which will help you to manage the engine oil change. Timely oil changes will help you keep the car engine healthy to give good performance. Since, engine is the most vital part of the car, badly damaged engine or poor performing engine will become expensive.

There are easy methods how you can control car maintenance by keeping a checklist. You can prepare a checklist in such a way that it is easy to follow up and update. You can prepare checklist segment wise and on daily basis. This is to manage daily checking which is mandatory and checking that is required once in a while.

Daily checking:
1.Oil checking
2.Hose and belts
3.Tire pressure
Quarterly checklist:
1.Oil and filter change - certain oils need to be changed t at every 3,500 miles.
2.Checking and cleaning of battery terminals.
3.Windshield blades condition
4.Check transmission, power steering, brake oil levels and replenishing if required.
5.Check air filters and replacing if required.

Every six months you may check all the lights and electrical systems. Brake pads also need to be checked. Attention to be given for checking shock absorbers and exhaust pipes. If any of these items are required to be repaired or replaced then attend on those repairs for a smooth drive.

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