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How To Check The Quality Of A Car? Important Points!

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Many would think buying a pre-owned car is risky. If you have some knowledge about car and its mechanism, it would be easy to understand the important points to be looked in to when buying a used car. A car is driven by the power generated from the engine which is transmitted to the gear box, helps the vehicle to move. The power transmitted to the gear box is again transmitted to wheels through axils! The modern cars are having lot of electronics components and sensors to make your car drive smoothly and listen to your demands while driving.

The Engine and body are the important parts of the body. Most of the car body and chassis are protected with corrosion coating. If a car is too old, say by over 5 years, you need to check its corrosion condition. If the body is hit with corrosion, then the car will eat much money on denting and painting works. A car with bad corrosion symptom has to be avoided even if the engine and gear box are in a perfect condition.

Check the engine condition. Here are some tips:

  • Before you start the engine, look around the bonnet area and engine sealing. If there is no oil leak near the gasket area that is a good sign.
  • Before starting the engine, pull out the engine oil gauge and look for the engine oil condition. If the engine oil on the gauge stick is too dark, then this can be an indication that the engine oil is burning. If the engine oil is whitish or greasy in form then that is an indication that the engine oil is mixing with the radiator water.
  • You may remove the oil cap on top of the engine and check if the oil is spraying out while the engine is in motion. If the oil is spraying out, it shows the bad condition of the engine.
  • You may remove the radiator cap and check if the water column inside the radiator is intact while the engine is working. If the water from the radiator is flowing out, then that indicates bad cooling system. If the radiator water shows oil contents then it is clear sign that the engine oil is mixing with radiator water.
  • While seated inside the car try and feel the vibration of the car by holding your hand on the steering and gear box leaver. If there is heavy vibration, that would be some sort of bad signs.
  • If the gears are making unnatural shifting noise that is also a clear indication of transmission problems.
  • You cannot expect any guarantee for the electronic gadgets. However, the panel meters can be checked for its functionalities.
  • Functioning of the air conditioner and car heater can be checked manually. Similarly the GPS and other systems have to be checked for its performance.
  • If the engine produces too much of white or black smoke then it is a clear indication of the engine being in poor condition.
  • If the inner side of the exhaust pipe having residue of greasy smoke that is also a bad indication. You can expect drops of clear water emitting out from the exhaust of engine, which shows a healthy engine condition.
  • If there is no patch work and color difference on the body then you can assume that the car is free of major accidents and can be considered as a good buy.
  • Checking the car history is extremely important. You will have a clear picture about its life and number of previous owners who used it. If a car is frequently been changed its ownership, then its physical and mechanical condition are to be checked with an expert.

However if all the above conditions are true, it is always good to seek the assistance of a car mechanic for professional and most suitable advice.

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