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How To Keep Interior Of A Car Always Fresh And Clean?

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Interior of a car is the mirror reflection of the person who drives the car!

The rich looks of the interior gives a pleasant feeling. It is indeed a wonderful feeling to have the interior smell of a fresh car and over a period of continued use this fresh smell will be replaced by some sort of dirty smell. Probably a kind of cocktail smell!! Pay little attention in small things and feel the difference. Here are some tips on how you can keep your car interior sparkling and clean. Your car may be the place where you spend more time than at office or home. So you would definitely prefer to have a clean and neat car interior.

Avoid smoking inside the car.

Smoking is injurious o health and to your car health also. The burned tobacco smell gets absorbed in to the car interior and start spreading obstinate odor. It is very difficult to get rid of this smell. Try to avoid having food and beverages inside the car. There are chances beverages could be spilled over and the interior will get stained. Not only this, the food smell also gets absorbed in the interior and remains there for a longer period. You may keep some stain cleaner in the car to use in case of an eventuality.

Throw out all the piles of bottles, beverage cans, paper cups and other sundry items from the car after usage. After a long drive there is obviously lot of clutter in your car. Do a thorough interior cleaning after every long journey. Use non-toxic interior or upholstery cleaner. A cleaner with soft deodorant smell would be more ideal as that can neutralize the odd smells.

A regular vacuum cleaning of the car interior is a must.

A vacuum cleaner can extract the dust accumulated inside the car and in between the seat gaps. The floor mats have to be taken out and the dust need to be dumped out by giving gentle shakes. You can clean the floor area and the foot mats with the vacuum cleaner. The car seats also need to be cleaned by moving it front and back. Rubber car mats can be given a soap washing. If the carpets and floor mats are dirty you may clean it by steam cleaning. The dash board can be cleaned and polished by using non-toxic fresheners or wax. Any sort of stain need to be removed immediately by using normal water and absorb the area with a clean towel or blot paper. If the stain is hard to remove then use a glass cleaner and try to remove it.

Greasy or oily stain can be removed by rubbing paint thinners.

Ball pen ink stains can be removed by using shaving lotion or hairspray. Vomit stains can be removed by using soap water or mix of baking soda and normal water.

When beverages or alcohol are spilled in the car, then immediately remove it by diluting the area with water. You can clean the interior immediately with some house cleaning liquids and rub on the marks where the stains are visible. If immediate attention is given in details, the car interior can be kept intact. A great deal of neatness can be attained by doing a seat covering. Now a day’s properly matching shades are available to dress up your car seats. The car seat covers can be changed after prolonged usages. This will help you to maintain the original look of the seat and protect from the sun heat damages.
Maximum care need to be taken while you park your car and make sure there is enough shade for your car while it is parked outside. Direct exposure to sunlight may spoil the freshness of the interior. A car with great interior will give a lasting impression and hold up its resale value!!

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