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Periodical Maintenance Which Are Mandatory?

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Whether you buy a new car or a pre-owned car, periodical maintenance is inevitable and is mandatory. There are certain particular maintenance services which must be done at systematic intervals. You cannot keep it pending or ignore such services for an unlimited period. If you look after your car, the car can give you a trouble free service. Timely attention of car service can save a lot on your pocket. Generally, brand new cars are attached with 3 free services. There after the owner needs to get servicing done in order to have an immaculate performance of the car. It is advised to read the owner’s manual to know the ways of maintenance that should be taken care of on a regular basis.

What are the mandatory periodical maintenances?

Of course the foremost thing that flash in our mind is oil and filter service. Within a span of three months or at 4,800 KM whichever is coming first you need to change the oil of your car. The oil filter can be changed alternatively. If you are using high viscosity engine oil then you need to change the oil only at 10,000KM. When you do an oil change at 10,000KM remember to change the filter too. These services are to be provided to the car depending on the car makers recommendations.
In the case of an Automatic Transmission car you may check the oil level while the car engine is running in Park position. The oil dip stick will show oil level and based on that you can supplement the oil. The automatic transmission fluid needs to be changed only biannually or after crossing 24,000 KM whichever is earlier.

Air Filter:

Check the air filter while you do the engine oil change. It is advised to blow out the dust accumulated and clean the filter properly. Annual replacement is advised or when the filter is seen oil soaked.


If the battery is more than three years old then check the battery for its power performance. Battery cable need to be cleaned properly and fixed tightly with the battery terminal.

Fuel Filter:

Cars with carburetors need to change the fuel filter once in a year. But do clean the fuel filter every 3 months to get a better performance.
For vehicle with fuel injection system the filter need to be changed once in a year.

Timing Belt:

Most of the new age cars are fitted with timing belt made of Plastic material that can perform for a longer period. A typical timing belt could well run for more than 60,000miles. But V belts and Air conditioner belts need to be checked for tear and wear.

Power Steering Oil:

Car equipped with power steering needs to be checked periodically.The power box needs to be checked if the steering column shows some sort of stiffness or the power steering belt produce unnatural sounds.

Radiator Hose:

Check radiator hoses for breaks or leaks.

Water service and greasing:

Do monthly water servicing.Also do full service every alternate month.This can be done by adopting an automatic body wash service in a month and followed with a full manual wash in the coming month including greasing and diesel washing.

Brake system:

After every 15,000 KM do a thorough check on brake liner including the rotors, brake pads and brake drums or brake discs.

Air Condition Filters:

Check the Air Conditioner filters once in a year and if needed change it as advised by the mechanic.


Flush the radiator once in a year and fill with new radiator coolant. It is advised to use the coolant that is recommended by the manufacturer.

As a policy, make sure that you are using only genuine spare parts in case of replacement and compatible parts as recommended by the manufacturer. A timely and periodical maintenance will make you car trust worthy and a trouble free companion. Adhering to the periodical maintenance can be achieved easily by preparing a schedule of service table.

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