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Perfect Tire and With Perfect Air Pressure

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The pleasure of driving a car with perfect air pressure gives you a fantastic driving experience. Tires are the most important and vital part of any automobile.

Most of the car manufactures recommend radial nylon tires for their car. In the good old days tires were equipped with tubes and flaps! Now that has been replaced by tubeless tires. The tubeless tires make tire maintenance much easy. There is absolutely no worry about a tire puncture at all with a new age tire. The chemical filled air in the tire automatically spreads into the punctured area and plugs the puncture.

It is important to have a good understanding on how to maintain the perfect tire pressure that is required to be maintained. The tire pressure varies from car to car depending on its body weight and engine strength. The tire pressure needs to be maintained as per the season too. You can have more air in the tire in a cold season than in hot season. Maintaining correct air pressure is equally important the way you tune up your car engine. A perfectly pressured tire enhances the life of the tire.

The tires need to be checked every day.Due to permeation tire loose air pressure. A regular check only can detect the condition of the car tire pressure. There are handy gauges available to check the air pressure which you can do by yourself. During winter, the loss of air will be 2 to 3 pounds per month and in summer season it will be much higher. A perfect air pressure will have the advantage of good fuel economy. You can make it a practice by checking air pressure at the time while you fill the gas. The car manual will help you to understand what will be the level of air pressure that needs to be maintained.

Do it by yourself!

Most of air gauges are set of parameters that let you set up the required air pressure and once filling the air, the equipment will keep on generating beeping voice. After air filling is done with the required pressure, the gauge will give you warning and you can stop filling the air.
Again, while fixing your tire pressure, it is to be noted that the front tire need less air pressure than the rear wheels. You can keep 5 pound less in the front wheel than the rear wheel. The correct air pressure details can be found in the manual supplied by the car maker. Or there will be an imprinted details provided on door edge or door post. The air pressure requirement is directly related to the loading capacity of the car.
Apart from season change, altitude changes also invite air pressure check up periodically. In higher altitude areas you need to keep more air pressure in the tire. A vehicle that is used for carrying loads, the tire inflation need to be maintained in relation to the load of the vehicle. The required pressure for loaded vehicle can be calculated by weighing the vehicle. With an adequately inflated tire your journey will be smooth and the life of the tire can also be extended.
While driving, any unnatural sound would need to be checked immediately. Check for unnatural wobbling, vibration of the steering, dragging of the vehicle to one side of the road, unnatural disturbances as all these are indications of the tire problems related to air pressure. Necessary precaution needs to be taken in the event of such cases and either a tire change or taking the car to the nearest mechanic is recommended to avoid facing risky situations.

The ideal time to check air pressure is in cold stage.

The cold stage is normally attained while the vehicle is motionless for quite a long period and the air inside tire gets cold. Always try to keep the tire pressure of the pair are equal that means if the front pair tires are 36psi, then the left and right front tire must be kept with the same pressure. This system should be followed in the rear wheel tires too. It is not a difficult thing to pay little bit of attention to the small details related to tire issues. If the pressure of the tires is maintained properly you can attain long life for your tires and also enjoy a risk free driving!

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