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The Transformation of the Mazda Tribute

First Generation (2000 - 2006)

The MAZDA TRIBUTE was released in October 2000 as a new type SUV that was jointly developed with FORD. To heighten maneuverability both on-road and off-road, newly designed specialized parts, starting with the chassis, was utilized. Moreover, MAZDA’s unique high rigidity and enhanced safety body, the MAGMA, was used for the monocoque body, leading to heightened body rigidity. For the suspension system, a newly designed suspension was utilized, achieving a balance of driving performance and riding comfort.

The outer design was made with an effort to combine the atmosphere of a sedan with the powerful strength of an SUV. The body size measured in length, width, and height at 4,395mm, 1,790mm, and 1,750mm respectively; by limiting the total length and expanding the wheelbase, while reducing the front overhang, a spacious interior with a length of 1,800mm and open luggage space were realized.
Both the front and rear seats were made to be reclining, and it was made possible to make these full-flat seats. Moreover, the rear seats could be separated 6:4 and folded down, and the seat covers were able to be flipped up and connected/disconnected, thereby leading to an expansion of the luggage space that allowed storage of cargo with substantial length. The trunk length secured 922mm in length, and by combing this with the aforementioned rear seat arrangement, the trunk capacity was expanded to a maximum of 1,820L. Moreover, a compact multi-link suspension was used for the rear suspension, which minimized the luggage space sticking out into the wheelbase, thereby realizing good loading capacity.

The inline four-cylinder 1,998cc gasoline engine with 129 horsepower and V-type six-cylinder 2,967cc gasoline engine with 203 horsepower were made available.

The transmission that could be combined with these was the 4-speed automatic.

For the drive system, the FF and 4WD were made available; for the 4WD, the rotary blade coupling 4WD was utilized. For this 4WD system, the vehicle ran using FF, and when the front wheel slipped, the rear wheels transmitted drive system power accordingly.
In April 2001, the FF was introduced for vehicles carrying the V-type six-cylinder 2,967cc engine with 203 horsepower. Moreover, the 3.0 GL-X L Package was introduced to the lineup as the highest class grade, equipped with genuine leather seats, chrome metal-plated aluminum wheels, and a large-sized console box.

In November 2001, a new body color was introduced, and the interior upholstery was consolidated to black. Moreover, for the seat covers, a combination type of metal-tone and suede materials were used, further improving quality and texture.

In December 2003, the engine lineup was changed. The inline four-cylinder 1,998cc engine with 129 horsepower was newly introduced, improving running performance.

TRIBUTE MODELDisplacementFuelDrive SystemLineup Year
2000-2006LA-EPFW1,988 Gasoline4WD200020012002
TA-EPEW2,967Gasoline 4WD2000 200120022003200420052006
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