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The Transformation of the Nissan March

First Generation (1982 - 1992)

The first generation NISSAN MARCH went on sale in October 1982 as NISSAN’s first 1-liter car. The outer design was made by Giugiaro, which featured a simple design with a European feel. The body size measured in length, width, and height at 3,735mm, 1,560mm, and 1,390mm respectively; though it was compact, due to logical packaging, a riding capacity of 5 people was realized. Only the 3-door was available as the body type.

The 9,987cc gasoline engine with 52 horsepower was carried, and this was combined with the 5-speed manual, 3-speed automatic, or 4-speed automatic.

The drive system for all vehicles was the FF.

In May 1983, the 5-door was added to the lineup as a new body type.

In May 1985, turbocharging the 52-horsepower gasoline engine led to an increase in power output to 85 horsepower; this entered the lineup as the “Turbo.”

In August 1987, the canvas top edition was added.

In January 1988, minor changes were made to alter the design of the interior and exterior. Though the changes were small, the “Super Turbo” was newly added to the lineup. For this grade, there was an aim to enter motor sports competition market, and as such, to accommodate to regulations, the displacement was reduced to 930cc. Furthermore, by double supercharging the turbo and supercharger, the power output was increased to 110 horsepower.

In January 1990, changes such as the wheel cover design and seat covers were made.

Second Generation (1992 - 2002)

In January 1992, a full model change led to the evolution of the March to its second generation model. In contrast to the first generation model’s design that emphasized straight lines, the second generation model’s distinct feature was the emphasis on roundness for a softer impression. However, one can still observe similarities with the first generation model, such as the tail lamps. Body size measured in length, width, and height at 3,695mm, 1,585mm, and 1,425mm respectively, leading to a reduced total length when compared to the first generation model; yet, more interior and luggage space were secured even with the reduction in total length. Moreover, air conditioning and power steering were installed in all vehicles as standard equipment.

The engine carried were the 997cc gasoline engine with 58 horsepower and the 1,274cc with 79 horsepower.

The transmission that could be combined with this was the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. For certain higher class grades carrying a 1,274cc with 79 horsepower engine, the CVT was also made available.

The FF was carried over as the drive system.

The fuel consumption measured between 14.8km/L and 22.0km/L for the vehicles carrying the 997cc engine with 58 horsepower, and between 15.4km/L and 18.0km/L for vehicles carrying the 1,274cc engine with 79 horsepower.

In January 1993, the CVT was made available for the 1.0 Grade as well. As such, for vehicles with the 997cc engine with 58 horsepower and CVT, fuel consumption measured at 16.6km/L.

In December 1994, with the aim to improve safety features, all vehicles were installed with SRS airbags as standard equipment.

In May 1997, minor changes were made to the interior and exterior. For the exterior, the front grille was integrated into the design for a more unified bonnet, and the headlights were enlarged as well. For the interior, dual airbags were installed as standard equipment, enhancing safety features.

In November 1999, the engine carried was changed, and the 4WD was made available. The 1,348cc engine with 85 horsepower was combined with the CVT to achieve fuel consumption of 14.8km/L. Moreover, the 997cc engine increased its power output to 60 horsepower.

Third Generation (2002 - 2010)

In May 2002, the March underwent a full model change to its third generation model. The exterior of this model greatly differed from that of the previous models; curved surfaces were greatly used, and the headlights were positioned much higher for a charming and more endearing look. The roof was also rounded to form a slight mountain, making for a unique exterior that was markedly different from other vehicles and models. The body size measured in length, width, and height at 3,695mm, 1,660mm, and 1,525mm respectively; the total height was particularly made high so that there was plenty of head clearance. Furthermore, a rigid body that boasted enhanced collision energy absorption was used, and side door beams and doors that further improved collision absorption was installed, leading to significant improvements in safety features. Moreover, driver and passenger side SRS airbags were installed as standard equipment.

Three types of engines were made available: the 997cc with 68 horsepower, the 1,240cc with 90 horsepower, and the 1,386cc with 97 horsepower.

Only the FF had been made available as the drive system, but later, the e-4WD that operates the rear tires with an electric motor was added.

In April 2004, Plasmacluster Ion air conditioning was installed for many grades as standard equipment, demonstrating efforts to enrich equipment options.

In August 2005, minor changes were made, leading to design changes to the front grille and bumper. In terms of the interior, the seat cover material was changed, improving texture and quality. The engine lineup was also reevaluated; the 997cc with 68 horsepower was discontinued, and the 1,498cc gasoline with 109 horsepower was newly introduced to the lineup. At this time, the fuel consumption ranged between 19.0km/L and 21.0km/L for the 1.2 Series, 16.8km/L for the 1.4 Series (4WD only), and 19.8km/L for the 1.5 Series.

In June 2007, changes were made to the exterior design; primarily, the headlights and front grille design was altered.

In October 2008, the equipment options were enriched. Privacy glass and rear seats that could be separated and folded down were installed on certain grades as standard equipment.

Fourth Generation (2010 - )

The fourth generation model released in July 2010 carried over popular elements of the third generation model, such as the exterior design and many body color options. Though the distinctive exterior modeled on the Keep Concept design was also carried over, the edges of certain parts were made more prominent, differentiating it from the previous model. Moreover, in terms of the interior, the design was based on a circle motif; for example, in the center lower portion of the center console, a round control panel was installed.

The engine carried was only the 1,198cc gasoline engine with 79 horsepower. For the higher-class FF models, this was combined with the idling stop system, and fuel consumption of 26.0km/L was achieved. Because of this high fuel efficiency, it was certified as a “2010 Fuel Consumption Standards +25% Achieving Vehicle.”

For the transmission, a new model Xtronic CVT with auxiliary transmission was combined; all vehicles achieved “2010 Fuel Consumption Standards +25% Achieving Vehicles” and received 75% tax reduction as eco-friendly cars.

In April 2012, vehicles carrying idling stop system were improved to increase efficiency of the CVT, and fuel efficiency was further enhanced.

In June 2013, minor changes were made to the exterior. Nissan’s trending front grille, whose design is based on the letter “V,” was utilized for a more ornate look. Moreover, in terms of the interior, the design of the center cluster was changed and the color silver was incorporated for improved quality and texture.

MARCHMODELDisplacementFuelDrive SystemLineup Year
1982-1992E-EK10 930GasolineFF 1982-1992
E-K10987 GasolineFF 1982-1992
1992-2001E-HK11 1,274 GasolineFF 1992-1998
E-K11997GasolineFF 1992-1998
E-FHK111,274 GasolineFF 1997
GF-HK111,274 GasolineFF 1997-1998
GF-K11997 GasolineFF 1997-1998
GH-AK111,348 GasolineFF 1999
GH-K11997 GasolineFF1999-2000
GH-ANK111,348 Gasoline4WD 1999-2000
TA-K11997 GasolineFF2000-2001
TA-ANK111,348 Gasoline4WD 2000-2001
TA-AK111,348 GasolineFF2000-2001
2002-2010UA-K12 997GasolineFF2002
UA-BK121,386 GasolineFF2002-2003
UA-AK121,240 GasolineFF2002-2003
UA-BNK121,386 Gasoline4WD 2002-2003
CBA-BK121,386 GasolineFF2004
CBA-BNK121,386 Gasoline4WD 2004-2005
CBA-AK121,240 GasolineFF2004-2005
DBA-YK121,498 GasolineFF2005-2009
DBA-BNK121,386 Gasoline4WD 2005-2010
DBA-AK121,240 GasolineFF2005-2010
2010-DBA-K13 1,198 GasolineFF2010-2014
DBA-NK131,198 Gasoline4WD 2010-2014
DBA-K13改1,498 GasolineFF2013-2014
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