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First Generation Model (1982-1991)

The first generation PAJERO went on sale in May 1982. At that time, the body type consisted of only two types-a metal top or a campus top-and both were 4 number vehicles. As for the body structure, it was not a monocoque structure, but a rudder frame with the upper body installed. The engine was of three types: 2,300cc diesel, 2,300cc diesel turbo, and 2,000cc gasoline engine.

In March of the next year, 1983, the 5 number passenger model (metal top wagon) was added-the first of the class. At this time, the model carrying a gasoline turbo engine was added to the lineup, with a greatly increased horsepower of 145. In 1985, in addition to the 5-speed manual transmission that was available up to this point, the 4-speed automatic was also added to the lineup. In 1986, the diesel engine’s displacement was increased to 2,500cc. Moreover, in 1987, the model carrying the V6 3,000cc gasoline engine was added, making it the first to bring RV vehicles into the realm of luxury vehicles. In addition, intercoolers were installed on the turbo engine, marking a series of improvements on the engines.

In terms of the body type as well, the mid-roof was added, as well as the wide body, leading to consistent expansions of the lineup.

Second Generation Model (1991-1999)

In 1991, the PAJERO underwent a remodeling to the second generation model. A wide range of body variations were prepared-the long body with a mid-roof and kickup roof, the short body with a metal top and J top, and furthermore, the option of a mid-roof or a metal top was made available for the wide body.

As for the engine, the lineup started with the V6 3,000cc gasoline engine with 155 horsepower and the 2,500cc diesel turbo engine with 85 horsepower. Afterward, an intercooler was added to the diesel engine, further increasing the power output. Furthermore, the gasoline engine was changed to the V6 3,500cc 230 horsepower engine, again marking consistent improvements from the first generation model. In 1997, minor changes were again implemented when the V6 3,400cc engine was made into a GDI engine, further improving power output and fuel consumption.

The transmission that could be combined with these engines was, as it was with the first generation model, the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic.

The drive system was improved as well, with the super select 4WD added to the lineup, as well as the multi-mode ABS, leading to improved drivability on bad road conditions.

Third Generation Model (1999-2006)

After eight years, another remodeling led to the third generation model being introduced in September 1999. The body width was enlarged by 1,875mm, leading to the increase in width of the interior and the widening of the fender to accommodate wider tires. The body structure as well changed to a semi-monocoque structure with a built-in frame.

Moreover, the engine lineup was reorganized; at the time, the V6 3,500cc gasoline engine with 220 horsepower and the 3,200cc direct injection diesel turbo with 175 horsepower were in the lineup. Afterward, in 2000, the V6 3,000cc gasoline engine with 180 horsepower was added; furthermore, with the minor changes implemented in 2005, a change was made to the V6 3,800cc 219 horsepower gasoline engine.

As for the transmission, though it started with the 5-speed manual and the 4-speed automatic, with the minor changes made in 2005, the 5-speed automatic with INVECS-II sports mode was newly installed.

In terms of the drive system, though it remained 4WD, it evolved to the super select 4WD II, which involved an automatic shift in torque distribution from 33 to 50 in the front, and 67 to 50 in the rear, and it was made possible to shift to direct 4WD and rear-wheel 2WD.

Fourth Generation Model (2006 - )

In October 2006, the current model, the fourth generation model, was born. Both the interior and exterior were further modernized, including the implementation of a flash surface design on the exterior.

For the engine, the V6 3,800cc gasoline engine with 252 horsepower and V6 3,000cc gasoline engine with 178 horsepower were added to the lineup.

The transmission that could be combined with these engines were, as with the previous generation, the 5-speed automatic, 5-speed manual, and 4-speed automatic.

As for the drive system, the super select 4WD II was continued, and at the same time, to improve drivability on bad roads such, the active stability & traction control was newly installed.

In 2009, to adhere to new long-term regulations, the 3,200cc diesel engine with 170 horsepower was added to the lineup.

In 2010, after implementation of some minor changes, improvements to the environmental performance were made. As a result, the fuel efficiency for gasoline and diesel were both improved.

In 2012, another round of minor changes were made, resulting in the reorganization of the lineup for transmission options; the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic were discontinued, and everything was made universal with the 5-speed automatic transmission.

MITSUBISHI PAJEROMODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLineup Year
1989/06-1991/01E-L141GW 2,972Part-Time 4WDGasoline1989
Q-L144GWG 2,476 Part-Time 4WDDiesel1989
S-L044GV 2,476 Part-Time 4WDDiesel1989
Q-L144GW2,476 Part-Time 4WDDiesel1989
Q-L149GW2,476 Part-Time 4WDDiesel1989
T-L141G 2,972Part-Time 4WDGasoline1989
S-L144G 2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1989
S-L049GV 2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1990-1991
Q-L149GWG 2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1990-1991
E-L146GW 2,972 Part-Time 4WDGasoline1990-1991
1991/01-1999/09S-V14V 2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1991-1992
Q-V44WG 2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1991-1992
Q-V24WG2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1991-1992
Q-V44W2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1991-1992
Q-V24W2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1991-1992
S-V34V 2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1991-1992
Q-V24C2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1991-1992
S-V24V2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1991-1992
Y-V24WG2,476Part-Time 4WDDiesel1993
Y-V26W 2,835 Full-Time 4WDDiesel1993
Y-V24C2,476Full-Time 4WDDiesel1993-1994
Y-V46W2,835Full-Time 4WDDiesel1993-1994
U-V46V2,835Full-Time 4WDDiesel1993-1994
Y-V24W2,476 Full-Time 4WDDiesel1993-1994
Y-V46WG 2,835Full-Time 4WDDiesel1993-1995
Y-V26WG 2,835Full-Time 4WDDiesel1993-1995
KD-V47WG 2,476Full-Time 4WDDiesel1995
E-V43W2,972Full-Time 4WDGasoline1991-1996
E-V23W2,972Full-Time 4WDGasoline1991-1996
KD-V24W2,476Full-Time 4WDDiesel1995-1996
KD-V24C2,476Full-Time 4WDDiesel1995-1996
E-V25C 3,496Full-Time 4WDGasoline1994-1996
KD-V46W2,835Full-Time 4WDDiesel1995-1997
E-V55W3,496Full-Time 4WDGasoline1997
E-V21W 2,350 Full-Time 4WDGasoline1996-1998
KC-V46V2,835Full-Time 4WDDiesel1995-1998
E-V25W3,496 Full-Time 4WDGasoline1993-1998
E-V23C2,972Full-Time 4WDGasoline1991-1998
KD-V26C2,835 Full-Time 4WDDiesel 1997-1998
KD-V26WG2,835Full-Time 4WDDiesel 1995-1998
E-V45W 3,496Full-Time 4WDGasoline1993-1999
KD-V46WG2,835 Full-Time 4WDDiesel 1995-1999
1999/09-2006/10GH-V75W3,496Full-Time 4WDDiesel1999-2000
GH-V65W3,496Full-Time 4WDGasoline1999-2000
KH-V68W3,200Full-Time 4WDGasoline1999-2004
KH-V78W3,200Full-Time 4WDDiesel1999-2004
TA-V75W3,496 Full-Time 4WDDiesel2000-2005
TA-V65W3,496 Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2000-2005
LA-V73W 2,972 Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2000-2005
LA-V63W2,972 Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2000-2005
ABA-V77W 3,827Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2005
CBA-V93W2,972Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2006-2008
CBA-V83W 2,972Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2006-2008
2006/10-ADC-V88W3,200 Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2009
ADC-V98W3,200 Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2008-2009
CBA-V87W3,827Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2006-2010
CBA-V97W3,827Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2006-2011
DBA-V83W 2,972Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2009-2014
LDA-V88W 3,200Full-Time 4WDDiesel 2010-2014
LDA-V98W 3,200 Full-Time 4WDDiesel 2010-2014
DBA-V93W 2,972 Full-Time 4WDGasoline 2009-2014
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