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First Generation RD1/2 Model (1995-2001)

The first generation HONDA CR-V went on sale in October 1995 as HONDA’s first SUV. The car body was based on the HONDA CIVIC, and the engine and body type were developed to make for a simple lineup. At the time, only the 1,972cc four-cylinder engine with 130 horsepower, 4WD, and 4-speed automatic transmission was available, but later, the FF model with 5-speed manual transmission was added to the lineup.

The body structure was only available as a 5-door version, and with the use of the column AT, the interior was so spacious that forward and back, left and right walk-through was made possible. The suspension system, based on that of the CIVIC, was the same 4-wheel double wishbone suspension.

Minor changes made in October 1997 led to the installment of front seat airbags and ABS as standard equipment, further improving safety. Additional changes made in December 1998 led to alterations in the interior and the exterior, and improvements were made on the engine to enhance power output to 150 horsepower.

In May 2000, more minor changes led to the installment of the privacy glass, power side-view mirrors, and height adjustors on driver’s seats, further improving riding comfort.

Second Generation RD4/5/7 Model (2001-2006)

The car body of the second generation model, introduced in September 2001, was also developed based on the CIVIC, with an enlarged body and improved spaciousness.

For the engine, the 1,998cc four-cylinder with 158 horsepower was newly installed, combined with the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions. In terms of the drive system, the FF and 4WD were carried over from the previous generation model.

The minor changes made in 2004 led to alternations made on the exterior and interior, as well as the engine. In terms of the outer appearance, the front bumper and grille were changed to new designs, and for the interior, self-luminous meters were installed.

The engine installed saw improvements in displacement; the 2,354cc four-cylinder with 160 horsepower was newly installed. At the same time, the 4WD system was also improved, enhancing driving performance.

Third Generation RE3/4 Model (2006-2011)

The third generation model was introduced in October 2006. The “Keep Concept” design was carried over from the second generation model and renewed; a large grille and powerful front mask, as well as side window graphics were some of the key characteristics. Accordingly, the car body width was expanded to 1,820mm, making this model one vehicle class higher than the previous model.

The engine installed was the 2,354cc four-cylinder carried over from the previous generation model, but its power output was increased to 170 horsepower. The transmission combined with this was consolidated to just the 5-speed automatic.

Minor changes made in 2007 led to the installment of wooden panels in some grades, further improving texture and quality. Minor changes made in 2008 saw upgrades of the seat covers, demonstrating a consistent effort to improve the interior.

Furthermore, in 2009, more minor changes were made to the interior and exterior, particularly the grille, bonnet, and bumper, heightening an air of novelty.

Fourth Generation RM1/4 Model (2011-)

The current fourth generation model was introduced in December 2011. The body size was reduced by 30mm, and the total height was also decreased by 30mm; as such, usability was increased. Despite this, the total length of the interior measures at 225mm, and loading capacity has increased to 65L.

In addition to the 2,354cc four-cylinder with 190 horsepower, the 1,997cc four-cylinder with 150 horsepower was added to the lineup. These engines both saw enhancements in fuel efficiency through improvements.

As for the transmission, the CVT was combined with the 1,997cc engine, and the same 5-speed automatic from the previous generation model was combined with the 2,354cc engine.

The drive system was classified according to the engine displacement-the FF for the 1,997cc engine, and the 4WD for the 2,354cc engine.

The minor changes made in October 2012 led to the installment of the side airbags and side curtain airbags to all grades as standard equipment, further improving safety. Moreover, a navigation system and genuine leather seats were installed as standard features for the “Leather Package” that was newly added to the 20G and 24G grades.

CR-VMODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLineup Year
1995-2001 E-RD11,972 4WDGasoline1995-1998
GF-RD2 1,972FF Gasoline1998-2001
2001-2006LA-RD41,998FF Gasoline2001-2004
LA-RD5 1,9984WDGasoline2001-2004
ABA-RD41,998FF Gasoline2004
ABA-RD5 1,9984WDGasoline2004
CBA-RD6 2,354 FF Gasoline2004-2006
CBA-RD72,354 4WDGasoline2004-2006
2006-2011DBA-RE32,354FF Gasoline2006-2011
DBA-RE4 2,3544WDGasoline2006-2011
2011 DBA-RM1 1,998 FF Gasoline2011-2014
DBA-RM4 2,4004WDGasoline2011-2014
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