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First Generation E20 Model (1973-1980)

The NISSAN CARAVAN COACH went on sale in 1973 as a way to position the CARAVAN as a passenger vehicle. The exterior of this first generation model featured rear side windows that slid open, which differed from the van type. The body was a mid-sized cab over, and the riding capacity was nine people. The chassis was not a frame with an upper body equipped on top of it, but from the very beginning, a monocoque body.

The engine lineup consisted of two types: the 1,483cc inline four-cylinder OHV and 1,567cc gasoline engine with 77 horsepower.

In 1976, the H20 1,982cc engine with 92 horsepower and NAPS were added to the lineup, adhering to the 1975 gas emission regulations.

In February 1978, improvements on NAPS led to its clearing the 1976 gas emission regulations.

In April 1979, the Z20 2,000cc engine with 105 horsepower was added, which adhered to the 1978 gas emission regulations.

Second Generation E23 Model (1980-1986)

The second generation model was introduced in August 1980. The exterior remained in line with the “Keep Concept” style, but it featured a front grille with a stronger presence. Furthermore, equipment options were enriched, including the installment of sun roofs, power steering, and swivel seats.

The engine lineup consisted of the 1,982cc inline four-cylinder SOHC gasoline engine and 2,200cc inline four-cylinder OHV diesel engine.

In 1982, the column-mounted shifter was changed to a floor-mounted shifter. Furthermore, the turbocharger was equipped on the diesel engine, and grades such as the SGL Silkroad were introduced.

Third Generation E24 Model (1986-2001)

The third generation model that was introduced in 1986 saw changes that led to a more luxurious feel, as well as installments in the interior that made it more in line with a passenger vehicle. The glass areas were expanded, and the incline of the front window was sharpened; such changes were promoted to customers. In terms of the interior as well, the seat height was lowered, all seats were changed to full-flat seats, and 3-person front seating with a center table attached was installed, further improving riding comfort. For the seat covers as well, the Silkroad used a double raschel, velvet fabric.
Additionally, twin A/C and twin glass sunroofs were installed, improving backseat comfort as well.
With the combination of engines and equipment, the grade lineup consisted of ten variations.
The body size of the CARAVAN COACH Silkroad Limousine measured in length, width, and height at 4,520mm, 1,690mm, and 1,955mm respectively.

The engine carried consisted of the 1,952cc inline four-cylinder gasoline engine with 91 horsepower, the 1,952cc inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 79 horsepower, and the 2,289cc diesel engine with 76 horsepower.

In October 1988, the large exhaust V6 gasoline engine was added-the first for a domestic 1BOX. The specs for this engine were 2,960cc displacement and 155 horsepower. Additionally, the diesel engine was changed to a 2,663cc turbocharged unit with 100 horsepower.
The transmission that could be combined with this was the 4-speed automatic only, and for the drive system, the 4WD was combined with the diesel engine.

In August 1990, minor changes were made to the interior and exterior. The front bumper air dam was used for the exterior. As for the interior, the design of the instrument panel was changed, and an option was introduced to install genuine leather seats. Furthermore, a turbocharger with an intercooler was installed to the 2,663cc diesel engine, leading to an improvement in power output to 110 horsepower.

In 1995, the design of the front grille underwent a change. Additionally, for the higher class grades, SRS airbags were installed to the driver’s seat. At this time as well, improvements were made on the diesel engine, and power output was enhanced to 130 horsepower.

Fourth Generation E25 Model (2001-2012)

The fourth generation CARAVAN COACH was introduced in 2001. The riding capacity was 10 people-2 + 2 + 3 + 3 in 4 rows of seats. The body size was enlarged, measuring in length, width, and height at 4,990mm, 1,690mm, and 1,990mm respectively, and improving spaciousness and riding comfort.

The 2,388cc gasoline engine with 140 horsepower was installed, combined with the 4-speed automatic transmission.

In 2003, the 8-person Silkroad was added to the lineup. The fuel consumption of the Silkroad was 7.8km/L.

Minor changes were made in 2005, leading to the installment of metal plated grilles to some grades and further increasing stylishness.

In August 2007, changes were made to the engines installed, and the 2,488cc gasoline engine with 147 horsepower was newly introduced. The transmission that could be combined changed to the 5-speed automatic, and fuel consumption was improved to 8.1km/L.

The changes made in January 2009 led to alterations primarily on the exterior, including the installment of colored bumpers and additions to body color options.

Improvements made in August 2010 led to better passenger experience when getting on and off the vehicle; an electric slide step and handrails were installed as standard equipment. Furthermore, the newly introduced “Enchante Pick-up Type” was aimed at enhancements in riding comfort, with body size measuring in length, width, and height at 4,995mm, 1,690mm, and 2,285mm respectively; other improvements included the use of the high roof and an increase in the interior height.

CARAVAN COACHMODELDisplacementDrive System Fuel Lineup Year
1973-1980KSE201,483 FRGasoline1973-1979
E201,567 FRGasoline1973-1980
KPSE20 2,000 FRGasoline1976-1980
KPSE21 1,982 FRGasoline1976-1980
E20 2,200 FRDiesel 1978-1980
1980-1986 E23 1,982 FRGasoline 1980-1986
2,200 FRDiesel1980-1982
2,000 FRDiesel 1980-1986
1986-2001 Q-KSE241,952 FRDiesel1988
Q-KSGE24 1,952 FRDiesel1988
E24 2,289 FRDiesel1986-1987
E24 1,952 FRGasoline 1986-1987
Q-ARE242,663 FRDiesel1990-1993
Q-KRGE242,663 FRDiesel1990-1993
Q-ARME242,663 4WDDiesel1990-1993
Q-ARMGE24 2,663 4WDDiesel1990-1993
Q-KRE242,663 FRDiesel1988-1993
Q-KRMGE242,663 4WD Diesel1988-1993
Q-KRME242,663 4WD Diesel1988-1993
Y-KRE24 2,663 FRDiesel1994
Y-KRGE24 2,663 FR Diesel1994
Y-KRME242,663 4WDDiesel1994
Y-KRMGE242,663 4WDDiesel1994
Y-ARMGE24 2,663 4WDDiesel1994
E-KHGE241,952 FR Gasoline1988-1994
E-KHE241,952 FR Gasoline 1988-1994
Y-ARME24 2,663 4WD Diesel1991-1994
Y-ARE24 2,663 FRDiesel1991-1995
E-AEGE242,960 FRGasoline1990-1995
KD-ARMGE24 2,663 4WD Diesel 1995
KD-ARME24 2,663 4WD Diesel 1995-1996
E-KEE24 2,960 FRGasoline1988-1996
KD-ARE242,663 FRDiesel1995-1996
KD-KRME24 2,663 4WD Diesel1995-2001
KD-KRMGE24 2,663 4WD Diesel1995-2001
KD-KRE242,663 FR Diesel1995-2001
KD-KRGE24 2,663 FR Diesel1995-2001
2001-2012KG-CWMGE252,953 4WDDiesel2002
GE-CQGE25 2,388 FRGasoline 2002
KG-CWGE252,953 FRDiesel2002
TA-QE252,388 FRGasoline 2002-2006
TA-QGE25 2,389 FRGasoline 2001-2006
CBA-SE252,488 FRGasoline 2007-2012
CBA-SGE25 2,488 FRGasoline 2007-2012
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