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TOYOTA FUNCARGO: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?

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First Generation (1999-2005)

The TOYOTA FUNCARGO was developed based on the TOYOTA VITZ; it went on sale in August 1999. The body was a 5-door wagon type, and the rear tailgate opened horizontally.
The body size measured in length, width, and height at 3,860mm, 1,660mm, and 1,680mm respectively; the height was 180mm higher than that of the VITZ, and the wheelbase expanded by 130mm and the length by 250mm, leading to an enlarged interior and trunk space.

The front area design was made to resemble that of the VITZ. The high roof above the driver’s seat and behind made for a 2-motion roof design with a level difference, which achieved a more spacious and brighter interior space.
Though small in size, the seat arrangement options were superb; the rear seats could be stored underneath the front seats, and the center part of the 3-person rear seats could be removed to allow for an arrangement that made walking through from the front seats to the trunk possible.

The drive system consisted of the FF and flex full-time 4WD.

Engine options consisted of the 1,298cc with 88 horsepower and the 1,496cc with 110 horsepower for the FF model, and the 1,496c with 115 horsepower for the 4WD model.

The only transmission that could be combined with this was the 4-speed automatic. Furthermore, for the highest grade G, the “steer shift automatic” that made manually shifting gears possible with a switch above the steering wheel was installed.

The fuel consumption was: for the FF with 1,298cc engine, 17.2km/L; for the FF with 1,496cc engine, 15.0km/L; and for the 4WD with 1,496cc engine, 14.0km/L.

In August 2000, with the aim to enrich equipment options, features such as the driver’s seat armrest, remote controlled door mirrors, and washer interlocking intermittent windshield wipers were added. Around this time, introduction of such models as the “Majora” and “Navi Special” led to greater variations in the lineup.

In August 2002, minor changes primarily to the interior and exterior were implemented. Design changes revolved around the front area, such as the rear combination lamps. The car body was slightly enlarged, now measuring in length, width, and height at 3,880mm, 1.665mm, and 1,700mm respectively.
As for the engine as well, minor changes were made; all vehicles were recognized as “Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs).” Moreover, for the fuel consumption, the FF with 1,298cc engine measured at 18.0km/L, the FF with 1,496cc at 16.8km/L, and the 4WD with 1,496cc at 14.6km/L.

FUNCARGOMODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuel Lineup Year
1999-2005GH-NCP25 1,496 4WDGasoline1999
GH-NCP21 1,496 FFGasoline1999
GH-NCP201,296 FFGasoline1999
TA-NCP211,496 FFGasoline1999-2001
TA-NCP201,296 FFGasoline2000-2002
TA-NCP251,496 4WDGasoline2000-2001
UA-NCP211,496 FFGasoline2002
UA-NCP201,298 FFGasoline2002-2003
UA-NCP251,496 4WDGasoline2002-2003
CBA-NCP211,496 FFGasoline2004-2005
CBA-NCP201,298 FFGasoline2004-2005
CBA-NCP25 1,496 4WDGasoline2004-2005
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