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First Generation T21 Model (1996-2001)

The TOYOTA CORONA PREMIO went on sale in January 1996 after adding “PREMIO” as a subname to the CORONA line, which had been on sale for 10 years. A distinctive feature of the PREMIO was the departure from a rounded body and adoption of a sharper design that emphasized straight lines. Only the 4-door sedan was available as the body type. The use of the new collision safety “GOA” body, with such features as the driver and passenger seat SRS airbags on all vehicles as standard equipment, as well as a shock-absorbing body/strengthened cabin, led to great improvements in safety. The car body measured in length, width, and height at 4,520mm, 1,695mm, and 1,410mm respectively, making it a 5 number body category.

The design of the interior aimed for a quiet space that prioritized functionality. For the instrument panel, the center area was designed to be at a slightly forward incline, and the height of the upper surface was limited, thereby achieving visibility with great openness. Furthermore, improvements were made on such storage features as cup holders and larger pockets.

The engine lineup consisted of

For the FF:
Gasoline Engine
1,587cc 105 horsepower
1,762cc 115 horsepower
1,998cc 140 horsepower

Diesel Engine
1,974cc 88 horsepower

For the 4WD:
Gasoline Engine
T1,998cc 135 horsepower

Diesel Engine
1,974cc 88 horsepower

To these engines, the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions were combined.

For the suspension system, by enlarging the caster angle, improvements were made on straight-driving stability, further achieving enhancements in driving stability.

In September 1997, some grades underwent changes in their installed engines. For the G-grade, the 1,998cc gasoline engine was newly changed to the direct injection D-4 gasoline engine, further improving power output to 145 horsepower. Furthermore, this change applied only to the FF; for the 4WD, the lineup remained the same.

Further minor changes were implemented in December 1997. For the exterior, the designs of the front area and rear combination lamps were changed, heightening an air of novelty. Moreover, for the interior as well, minor changes were made, including changes in the upholstery color, leading to enhanced quality. Additionally, the 1,998cc direct injection D-4 gasoline engine that had only been installed on G-grade vehicles was newly made available for all 2,000cc-class FF vehicles. The diesel engine was changed to a turbocharged type as well, with its specs improving to 2,184cc with 94 horsepower.

CORONA PREMIOMODELDisplacementDrive SystemFuelLineup Year
1996-2001KD-CT2151,974 4WD Diesel1996
KD-CT2101,974 FFDiesel1996
E-ST2101,998 FFGasoline1996-1997
E-AT2111,762 FFGasoline1996-1997
E-AT2101,587 FFGasoline1996-1997
E-ST2151,998 4WDGasoline1996-1998
KH-CT2162,184 4WDDiesel1997-1998
KE-CT211 2,184 FFDiesel1997-1998
GF-ST215 1,998 4WDGasoline1998-2001
GF-ST210 1,998 FFGasoline1998-2001
GF-AT2111,762 FFGasoline1998-2001
GF-AT2101,587 FFGasoline1998-2001
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