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First Generation (1996-2001)

The MITSUBISHI CHALLENGER utilized the chassis of the MITSUBISHI PAJERO long body, though it was released as a new vehicle by specially equipping the upper area of the car body. Compared to the PAJERO that it was based on, the car height was lowered, further promoting a sportier look that was in line with city use. The body size fit in the 5 number body category, measuring in length, width, and height at 4,530mm, 1,695mm, and 1,710mm respectively. For some grades, the over fender was expanded to 1,775mm.
For the interior, there were two rows of seats that allowed for a riding capacity of 5 people, as well as plenty of trunk space.

The engine lineup consisted of the 2,476cc diesel engine with 105 horsepower, the 2,725cc diesel engine with 125 horsepower, and the 2,972 gasoline engine with 185 horsepower.

The transmissions that could be combined with this were the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions.
The drive system for all vehicles was the 4WD.

In August 1997, changes were made on the gasoline engine. The 3,496cc engine with 245 horsepower was newly added, further improving driving performance. For this engine, the transmission that could be combined was also the 5-speed automatic. Furthermore, the 2,725cc diesel engine was made electric as well, leading to an improved power output of 140 horsepower.

In September 1998, enrichments were made on the equipment options, such as the eco lamp and UV cut glass. Furthermore, improvements were made on the 4WD, leadings to its evolution to a full-time 4WD with center differential.

In June 1999, minor changes were implemented to the interior and exterior. For the exterior, the changes centered on the front area; the slant on the headlights was made sharper in terms of the incline, the exterior was enlarged, and the front grille was changed to one with greater presence. In terms of the interior, changes were made on the seat covers to improve quality, and alterations such as the enlargement of the center armrests and changes in the position of the cup holder led to improvements in usability.

With the changes made in 1999, the diesel engine was discontinued, and the lineup consisted only of the 3,496cc gasoline engine with 245 horsepower. For the grades, in addition to the base “X,” the “XR” was introduced, which had sunroofs and rear heaters as standard equipment, and a more luxurious interior and exterior.
For the tire size, the 265/70R15 was enlarged to the 255/70R16, and combined with the newly designed aluminum wheels, a greater air of novelty was achieved.

CHALLENGERMODELDisplacement Displacement FuelLineup Year
1996-2001KD-K94W2,476 4WDDiesel 1996
KD-K94WG2,476 4WD Diesel 1996
E-K96W2,972 4WD Gasoline1996-1997
KD-K97WG2,835 4WD Diesel 1996-1998
E-K99W 3,496 4WD Gasoline1997-1998
GF-K99W3,496 4WDGasoline1999-2001
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