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NISSAN TERRANO REGULUS: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?

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First Generation(1996-2002)

The NISSAN TERRANO REGULUS was released in August 1996 as a more luxurious model of the second generation NISSAN TERRANO. As such, the lineup consisted only of a wide body type that was 20mm wider than the TERRANO, and only the automatic transmission was made available, thus further demonstrating the focus placed on making this a luxury vehicle. In terms of the interior design, it departed greatly from the base TERRANO model; bright colors with elements of white were used for the upholstery, and wooden panels were installed, further heightening an air of luxury and high-quality. For safety features, front seat dual airbags were installed in all vehicles as standard equipment. Though moquette was used for the seat covers of standard grades, suede was used for those of the higher-class grades.

One significant feature of the TERRANO REGULUS that greatly differentiated it from the TERRANO on which it was based was the front grille design. Though the TERRANO utilized a metal-plated grille, the REGULUS used a grille with the same color as the body.

As only the wide body was made available, the body size measured in length, width, and height at 4,670mm, 1,840mm, and 1,730mm respectively, making it a 3 number body vehicle.

The engine lineup consisted of the 3,274cc gasoline engine with 170 horsepower and the 3,153cc diesel engine with 150 horsepower.

The transmission that could be combined with these was the 4-speed automatic.

Only the 5-door was available as the body type, and the 4WD as the drive system.

In September 1997, minor changes were made to improve the interior and exterior and enrich equipment options. For the higher-class grades, genuine leather seats and xenon headlights were used to heighten luxuriousness. Moreover, all vehicles were equipped with antibacterial steering wheels, front seat seatbelts with pretensioners and force limiters, and long-life water-repellent glass as standard equipment.

In February 1999, the diesel engine was changed from the 3,153cc engine with 150 horsepower to the 2,953cc diesel turbocharged engine with 170 horsepower, leading to greater running performance. Moreover, a 3,247cc gasoline engine with 170 horsepower was introduced for the customized “Star Fire” version, and a model employing the FR system was also made available. For this model, as the mechanical structure was simplified, the price was also able to be lowered.

Moreover, for the 4WD model, the maneuvering method was changed from a lever to a switch system.

TERRANO REGULUSMODELDisplacementFuelDrive SystemLineup Year
1996-2002 KD-JRR503,153 Diesel4WD 1996-1998
E-JLR503,274 Gasoline 4WD 1996-1998
GF-JLUR503,274 Gasoline4WD1999
KH-JTR502,953 Diesel4WD 1999-2002
GF-JLR503,274 Gasoline 4WD 1999-2002
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