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How can you shine your car with interior detailing?

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Regular dusting and cleaning of the car’s interiors is the best way to make it look good. Surface cleaning along would not be enough in this scenario, and it is important to detail the upholstery to get it looking the best. As a consumer it is important to test any product that is to be used in the carpet, leather, upholstery by using it on a small area, if the product seems to affect the fabric texture or color adversely, then stop using the product.

Interior detailing of the car:

A variety of materials have been used to décor the interiors of the automobile, let us discuss the various ways here.

Car Vacuuming:

A good vacuum machine with a few attachments and a little time is all that is needed to get an ultra-finish to the interiors of the car. Attachments such as dust brush and crevice attachment are a must and it is important that these attachments are made of plastic to avoid damage and scratch to the vinyl or leather upholstery. The crevice tool could be used to clean between and under the seats, nooks and crannies and around the seat beads. The console, dash and vents could be cleaned with the help of round dust brush. One important point to consider while vacuuming the carpet is to use the palm of the free hand to beat the carpet in front of the vacuum hose, so that dirt that has been lodged deep in the carpet gets loosened for vacuuming.

Cleaning the console and dashboard:

The dashboard and the console are very important parts of the interiors of a car, and they deserve special attention. The dash and deck that are under the rear are also considerably damaged due to sun exposure. In order to keep the dash from fading and cracking, regular treatment is therefore necessary. The best way to care for them is to wipe them with a Cobra microfiber tower, every time the vehicle is subjected for a wash. There are specific products available in the market to offer protection from the effects of the sun’s UV rays. The best way to clean them is by using a foam applicator or a pad, spray a vinyl protective on the applicator and wipe it thoroughly, this would also avoid over spraying on the upholstery and glass. For a complete interior décor, dust and clean the vents and the grillwork with the help of detailing brush and compressed air. On consoles that have a number of crannies and nooks, the best way is to use a soft bristled brush and a towel to protect and clean.

Cleaning Door panels and Jambs:

Door panels could be made of a number of materials such as fabric, carpet and leather. Vinyl and other general purpose cleaners could be used to remove shoe scuffs. Door handles, pulls and window cranks could be cleaned with soap water and a toothbrush, speaker grills and wells at the armrests should be cleaned in the same way. Sponge or wash mitt could be used to clean the door panels with storage pockets, door frames and door still needs to be cleaned the same way.

Cleaning floor mats and carpets:

Most of the carpets of automobiles are durable and could withstand repeated shampooing without getting wearied of. At least 2 to 3 hours needs to be spent in cleaning the carpets. Before shampooing and cleaning them, they need to be thoroughly vacuumed. Fabric Protectants would help in efficient cleaning of these carpets.


It is important to get our cars shine with apt interior detailing as we spend the majority of the time with it. Everyday cleaning would hardly take minutes but would render efficient results in keeping the wagon neat and tidy.

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