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Which One Is Better Manual Or Automatic Transmission?

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Choosing the car’s transmission system is entirely a personal choice. It depends on your driving skills, your driving experience and your driving habits. If you want an easy and less complex car, opt for an automatic transmission but if you want to control the power of the car, you definitely require a manual transmission.

Below given are some of the major differences found in automatic and the manual type of transmissions:

1. The Basic:

As the name suggests, automatic transmissions or the gearboxes will change the gear the car is in without any input of the driver. Transmission decides which gear should be used based on the speed the car is moving in. A CTV that is a continuously variable transmission is a type of automatic transmission with no clutch. Automatic transmission gives a smoother ride on the road.

Manual transmission, again as the name suggests is a transmission that needs to be controlled manually. Depending upon the movement of the car, the driver has to manually change the gear.

2. Driving:

In automatic transmission, the driver has the minimal amount of work to be done as the driver will put the car in driving mode and the transmissions will continue to keep RPMs (revolutions per minute) within range. This type of transmission is known for its easy use. It is generally said that automatic can give you the stress free driving and the in busy traffic automatic will not allow the repetitive gear shifting and the use of clutch, it simply allows the driver to cruise with less efforts.

Many older drivers suggest that the manual gear boxes are easy to use. They say that manual transmission will give you the power to control your car based on what is happening in front of you. In manual type of transmission, the driver is solely responsible for shifting and changing the gears as the car moves with different speed. The RPMs are kept within required range. Manual type is more of a challenge to learn. In manual transmission, the driver has to control the clutch, the gears and the throttle simultaneously so the car is functioning properly without any damage to the transmission.

3. Money Matters:

Cars with automatic transmission tend to be more expensive in Japan than those with manual transmission. Manual gear box cars are more expensive outside of Japan because manual transmission is still popular in oversea market.


4. Repair:

Repairing the manual gear box is easy for the mechanics than the automatic transmission. Automatic transmissions need constant and regular attention and servicing and if the battery dies off, there is no push start option as in the manual transmission. So manual transmissions are easier to look after! Even the repair costs of automatic transmissions are higher than the manual transmissions.


5. Fuel Consumption:

Usually, the automatic transmission will take up more fuel than manual transmission because they need more power to work in a way making the driver spend more in fuel. Their gas mileage is less than the manual transmissions. In manual transmission, AA has claimed that they use 10% less fuels than the automatic transmissions. However, modern automatic transmissions have designed more efficient and environment friendly transmissions.


6. Make Of The Car:

In automatic, since the gear shift is located on steering column or the floor, left leg is not required for driving. It can remain free. In manual since the gear shift is situated on the floor, driver has to use both the hands and both feet for driving.

7. It’s Effect On Driving:

Research has proved that manual transmission drivers have higher heartbeats than the automatic transmissions drivers although no study has proved that the accident ratio is higher here. There is lesser amount of stress in the automatic transmission. There is less activity required of the driver so there are chances that driver might fidget with cell phone or any other objects making this behavior accident prone.

So, both the types of transmissions have their pros and cons. The choice will be entirely individual’s depending on the driving experience with the previous cars.

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