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How you can extend the life of your car tires

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Tires are the stuff that let you have a smooth and safe drive for your car. Since tires play a vital role in the safety of your car, it is important to maintain the tires properly. Further this is the important part of the car that gets constantly worn out due to continuous use. Whether the tires are used or not, the quality of the tires may get deteriorated over a period of time. You can definitely extend the life of your car tire by keeping the recommended tire pressure. Further, the life of the car tire can be prolonged by having correct wheel alignment. Bad wheel alignment will result in uncomfortable driving experience and also would be a reason to get the tire worn out quickly.

Generally speaking, you cannot extend the life of your car beyond the recommended thread level. Suppose a tire manufacture offers a life of 20,000 mile for the tire, then there are good mechanisms to make sure that you are getting the maximum service from that tire. There are simple steps that you need to take care of. If the recommendations are considered with a positive spirit, you can definitely save money on tire expenditure.

Inflate the tires as recommended by the tire manufacturer. Make sure that all tires are having the required tire pressure. Check the air pressure of the tire every week by using a pressure gauge. You can do this by uncapping the air value cap and pressing the air pressure gauge into the value. There are instances where the tire manufacture’s and car manufacture’s air pressure recommendation vary. For a smooth drive, it is recommended to keep the recommended low pressure. But if you are looking for a longer life for your car tire, it would be better to keep the air pressure on the higher level. Under any circumstances, over inflating needs to be restricted as that may damage the car tire.

Tire rotation is a good practice to extend the life of your car’s tire. It is recommended to rotate the tires every 6, 000 miles. Or alternatively you can take your mechanic’s helps to rotate the car tire while you take car for an oil change. You can do tire rotation by yourself or with the help of a mechanic. It is advised to rotate the tire diagonally from front to rear. Do not interchange side by side of the front or rear side of the car tires. Sometimes, certain types cars shall be having different sizes of tires for the front and rear axles. In that case consider to rotate the tire between the same axles.

Check the tires visually and, if you find any small cuts or holes, get them repaired. If a replacement is warranted, then don’t risk yourself. Get the tires changed for the sake of safe journey. Always keep your car perfectly aligned. Wrong alignment will end up in uncomfortable driving experience and wobbling of car. Proper alignment means the tires will be parallel to the other set. Further, tire will be perpendicular from the ground position. Poor wheel alignment means the car will be continuously be pulled towards either left or right side. As a result, one side of the tire will have extensive damages. Fixing the wheel alignment problem will sort out this issue.

You may have to keep a good Jack, wheel spanner, small air compressor and pressure gauge in your car. This helps you to attend the car tire issues at your own convenience. Periodical tire rotation, keeping proper air pressure and wheel alignment are the best mechanism to improve the life of your car tire.

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