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How difficult is maintaining a used car?

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Maintaining used car or a brand new car is not a difficult job. Buying used car is always a good option especially in this recession period. You have to do good research on buying a used car before you decide to buy one. Small and technically not so complicated cars are good as they are easy and cheap to maintain. For a brand new car there won’t be much maintenance for the first two years as all the mechanical parts are new and do not cause any problem. Whereas most of the parts in a used car would be in wearing condition or must have reached their maximum designed life span. Periodical maintenance and mechanical checkups are essential for used cars and brand new cars, as well.

There is a need for regular checkup on tires, oil, windows, brakes, interiors and fluids. Modern cars will have all status reports displayed in the dash board panel of the car. So, it is easy to follow up and do the maintenance. It would be also easy if a car maintenance chart is prepared and checked manually on a regular basis. Certain replenishments can be done without the help of a mechanics. Filling engine oil, brake fluid, coolant and battery water can be done without the help of mechanics. Battery acid can also be filled without the technician’s help, if the battery is not a sealed one. You can maintain tire pressure as per the manufacture’s recommendation.

Primary intention of buying a used car is to have a budget – friendly car that can give all the comfort of a modern day life. A regular check up and periodical maintenance will definitely give you the expected return for the money that has been spent on buying the car. Any used car after purchase requires some kind of tune up to give good performance. Therefore it is advised to take the car to a mechanic and have a thorough check up done before you start using it regularly.

Following are some easy tips that would help you maintain your car:

a) Tire: Check tire pressure regularly by using a pressure gauge, and maintain the tire pressure as per manufactures recommendation. Do the periodical rotation of changing tires to get the best durability of all the tires.

b) Engine oil: Though you can see the oil level reading or condition of the engine oil in the dashboard panel it is better to do a manual checking also. While the engine is in idle condition, pull out the dip stick and wipe out the oil on the dip stick and take the reading again pushing the dip stick into the engine. If the oil level is below the required level then you can replenish it. Similarly, by checking the color or thickness of the oil you can determine if the oil needs to be changed. By experience you can learn how to decide the condition of the engine oil.

c) Fluids: Transmission fluid, Brake fluid and steering fluids can be checked on a regular basis to make sure they are at the required level.

d) Misc: Similarly the battery acid, radiator coolant and lights need to be checked to make sure all these components are up to the mark. Selecting a good mechanic is also very important. Some mechanics may be specialized in particular brand of cars. It is a good idea to find out mechanics that are specialized in particular type of cars. Mechanics with some specialization would have ample experience on a particular version of cars, and hence maintenance recommendations would be precise, always. Their advices would be quite valuable. A well maintained car will give you trouble free companionship like a new car. There won’t be much difference between used and a brand new car if proper and periodical maintenance is taken care of.

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