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Shipping costs for Matadi

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Here are the shipping costs per car via container from Japan to Matadi in the DRC.

The price varies depending on the port the cars will be shipped out from.
Please contact the CardealPage sales staff if you would like to use our container services.

1 unit$5,450$5,510$5,530$5,530
2 units$3,070$3,110$3,050$3,050
3 units$2,230$2,280$2,260$2,270
4 units$1,830$1,860$1,880$1,890
5 units$1,590$1,640$1,650$1,660
6 units$1,440$1,490$1,490-

*This price does not include the inland transportation fee from each seller’s yard to the port.

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